The Book Ban

I remember being a small person and doing everything in my power to get out of going to bed.  I was hungry, thirsty, not tired, had to use the bathroom, cold, scared... you name it, I thought of it.

Evidently that trait has been passed on to Keith.

Every night as I close his door I hear "But Mom!"

And every time I answer the response is always different. 

"I need a hug."  "Bear needs a kiss."  are the normal ones.

And then comes the Master of Manipulation's sucker punch.

"But Mom!  I will miss you!"

Gets me every time.

Last night after telling him to go to sleep several times, and turning out the light even more, I finally had to take the books {all of them} out of his room.  I am sure my parents felt the same way with me when I was a kid.  I felt awful for doing it, and oh so proud of my little man.  Glad he is carrying on the tradition of devouring books.


Lisa Anne said…
LOL totally sounds like my son. he'll stay up all night reading a book. He also prefers to sleep on the floor instead of his bed. totally wierd.
Anonymous said…
I have two sons. One of them is ALWAYS reading, the other one is always taking shortcuts. lol :) I love that children explore their passions. Love your fun post. Have a great weekend.
Noodle said…
It so cute to see a little one in love with books... Story time is in the morning for us (most of the time) but we don't read before bed cause it winds Sammy up and make it harder for us to put her to bed... I caught her reading to her sister the other day ot was so cute...
Anonymous said…
My parents used to let me stay up and extra hour as long as I spent it reading. I credit them for my love of reading which endures today.
Keith is sooo sweet! His verbal amazes me :)

My mom claims the book "Good Night Moon" was created just for me. I would say good night to every single stuffed animal in the room (about 40 of them) and than keep asking for kisses and stuff. Harm starts Pre-K this fall so that means he will need an earlier bed time. It shall be interesting seeing the battles this will bring.
Susan Anderson said…
I used to read under my covers All the time.

Laura said…
Isn't it crazy how young they learn to do that!? My daughter is a pro at delaying bed time too...she always seems to have so many questions and the need to hugs and kisses right after we walk out of her room.
Emmy said…
I had to take all of the books out of Alex's room at one pt as she was ripping up the books. Made me so mad. But after they were gone for a couple of weeks she learned her lesson. Now she often will have a stack of books and 30 mins later she will still be reading them so we will have to tell her to lie down while reading then she usually goes to sleep.
Em said…
and that's when i turn to sean and say, ok ok, i'm coming for one more kiss b/c in 15 years he may not want me to kiss him at all. sigh.where's the moderation!? lol
Kel said…
Sounds like my house! :)

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