Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Book Ban

I remember being a small person and doing everything in my power to get out of going to bed.  I was hungry, thirsty, not tired, had to use the bathroom, cold, scared... you name it, I thought of it.

Evidently that trait has been passed on to Keith.

Every night as I close his door I hear "But Mom!"

And every time I answer the response is always different. 

"I need a hug."  "Bear needs a kiss."  are the normal ones.

And then comes the Master of Manipulation's sucker punch.

"But Mom!  I will miss you!"

Gets me every time.

Last night after telling him to go to sleep several times, and turning out the light even more, I finally had to take the books {all of them} out of his room.  I am sure my parents felt the same way with me when I was a kid.  I felt awful for doing it, and oh so proud of my little man.  Glad he is carrying on the tradition of devouring books.
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