What The Wind Told Me

I stepped out the back door tonight.  The sky was covered with the inky silouhettes of tree branches and blossoms.  The moon was shining through and I laughed.  The wind whipping my hair around was so delightful and I wanted to stay out in the perfect solitude forever.  Unfortunately my sink full of dishes called to me and I was forced to end my sourjourn too early. 

It is impossible to have a bad day when there is a zypher playing in the backyard.  Winds at 65 mph in some parts of the valley.  Tomorrow they are promising rain and some snow.  *Sigh* but the warm weather and wind were divine for today, and I am now anxious to cuddle under my covers and listen to the ancient stories whispered by the wind tonight through the windows.

And tomorrow the kids and I are off to visit my sister in a neighboring state.  Can't wait! 


Serline said…
Snow in April?!? My hubby has business associates in Kaysville, but he doesn't know Utah very well either, having never been there.
Susan Anderson said…
Sounds magical.

Have a fun and safe trip to your sister's!

Trish said…
I was always being deceived by what I thought was the coming of Spring when I lived in Utah. It is enough to drive one crazy over time, isn't it?
Hopefully the sun comes out sooner this time!
Jenny said…
Hi Amy....great post!

Come visit my blog as soon as you can!

I think it will make you happy today!
Emmy said…
Have fun visiting your sister
Em said…
this post was like poetry! loved it:-) just as much as i loved the snow!!!!

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