My Imaginary Life

The sky is pale right now.  It is no wonder.  It looks as if all the color dripped out of it and landed here in my own corner of the mountains.  The house we are staying in is cuddled right up to the foot of the Wasatch  range and is rampant in colors.  The grass is that delicious deep green which is my favorite color in the world.  The buttercups along the walk way seem to have stolen the sun light.

I know I don't live a Norman Rockwell life, but I sure like to pretend.  And in the pretending, I opened all the windows and let the fresh dampness permeate the house.  I then set about baking more cookies.  I wanted Keith to wake up to the smell of Spring and oatmeal raisin cookies.  I seem to bake a lot, but I have high ideals.  I just want him to have a perfect childhood.

It is a funny sort of life I live.  I do silly things.  My husband puts up with the silliness because he knows it helps me be happy.  I wear dresses.  I wear aprons.  I pretend I am best friends with June Cleaver.  I dance around the kitchen.  I dry sheets and other clothes on a clothes line.  I pretend I live a perfect life and I do everything to attain that life. 

So on days like today, everything just seems to be so perfect.  And it sure helps that I accomplished so much.  On my list of things to do I finished all but two.  So proud of myself.  That rarely happens.  Again, what bliss.  A clean house, a perfect rain storm, happy healing children, and fresh cookies.


Emmy said…
Glad you are able to live your Norman Rockwell life from time to time :)

I personally would not choose to wear a dress, it was one of the things that deterred from serving a mission.. wearing a dress every day! Oh and I was married at age 20 :)
Susan Anderson said…
So glad everyone is getting well...That always makes the world look bright to me.

And dancing in the kitchen doesn't hurt, either.

Anonymous said…
i'm lucky if i get two things crossed off of any of my lists...i only have about a hundred of them. *sigh*
Chantel said…
I wish my house smelled like oatmeal raisin cookies but today's my work day so I won't get to bake. Maybe tomorrow!!
CB said…
Sounds like the perfect day - I so wish I could join you as my world doesn't look quite like that today (wink)!

Have a Goodie!!
Laura said…
Yay for being June Clever's friend!! I love that feeling too, like all is well in the world. Glad you had a great day!
Noodle said…
I'm glad the kidos are feeling better... I love to bake it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.. Even if baked goods are bad for my waist line....
Anonymous said…
I loved your post. :) It leaves you feeling good about life. That is a great thing. Thanks. :) Hope you have many hours of being silly. :)
Stephanie said…
It never hurts to dream! Never!

enjoy the fun!
I'm your latest follower through FF! I hope you'll stop by my blog at and say hello.
Anonymous said…
I love reading your blog, it always makes me so happy to hear how happy you are. I want to have a perfect life too, and I find baking is the perfect way to get there! Even better, you have to wear an apron.
Kaibee said…
Hey Amy, I am glad I finally got to your blog!!
Gosh I missed reading it. I have been so busy lately I have my final exams from the 11th May. But I'll be on as regular as ever after that!

This blog is as cute and lovely as ever and I love it's name!

See you soon! :)
Happy Gramma said…
I wear dresses every day! I love your outlook on life. Don't ever loose it!
I found you on Friday Follow and am now following you.
Please come visit @
Anonymous said…
Hope you are having a fantastic weekend. :)

hot blog award,
you are a princess award...

it is fun to pretend to be someone else at times,
Happy Sunday!
Anonymous said…
I really enjoy reading your posts. And it's fabulous that you wear an apron and make cookies!
Jenny said…
Wow. Love your blog. It's so different. I'm off to read more. Came visiting you from Sue's blog.
Trish said…
For being born on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio, you sure are more like a Libra!

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