Midnight Sentiments

Alone time with my husband is a scarcity.  For this reason, we tend to stay up late.  We talk, or watch a movie, or play a game, and sometimes things get really exciting and we fold laundry.  I tell you, ours is an exciting and riviting life.

Last night we returned from a family party late.  I hurried to get the kids to bed and Jeffrey and I decided to watch Avatar: The Last of The Air Benders a Nickelodeon cartoon.  It ended around 12:00 and I stumbled to my feet and down the dimly lit hall.  As I passed Keith's door, I saw a faint light from under his door.  I sighed and opened his door rouing the day he learned how to turn on the television.  He figured out how to put movies on, and often in the mornings we would find him happily watching a movie and waiting for us to let him out.  As I opened the door and glanced at his bed, his eyes were wide open.  He smiled and said "Hi, Mommy."

I turned off his television and went over to his bed to tuck him in.  The silly boy had been awake the whole night!  I couldn't believe it.  He begged for a story.  I curled up next to him, stroked his hair and began the story of Jack and The Beanstalk.  In no time his breathing became slow and even.  I moved to leave the room.

"No, Mommy.  Stay here."

His little hand reached out from under his bear and touched my arm.  I rustled his hair, kissed his sleepy eyes and left the room.

This morning after feeding Faye, I got up to let Keith out of his room.  As I was walking away, I heard "M-m-m-mommy."  Absolutely made my day.  She said it two other times today, too.  My little baby is talking! 

On another note, Keith was looking up my nose today {not sure why} and said "What's up there?  Do you have doggies up there?  Kitties in your nose?  What is in your nose?"

It is official, my kids are perfect for me.  Lots and lots of smiles and laughs going on in this home.


CB said…
That is so exciting that cute little Faye is saying "Mommy"!

Also, very sweet how much Keith loves his mom. That is so funny how awake he was so late at night but so nice that he just wanted you to lay by him and be with him. Those are the best times ever!
Blogs said…
Her first wordssssss.......ohhhhh how exciting:) I remember my kids saying Ma-ma first:) You should def. tape her:) She's such a doll! And I prefer doggy's up the nose:)
Gail said…
This is just lovely. First words (gush, gush, awwwwww).... I have to say I love that photo of Keith. I really love snuggling with my kids when they are in that sleep-comfy zone. My little boy is particularly cuddly and huggy then!~
There once was a man from Nantucket
Who wanted a ride in a bucket
But when he sat down
He fell on his crown
No more is the man from Nantucket

lovely limerick from you, Amy...
i am thrilled that poetic ideas begin to tickle you...
tinahead81 said…
awww..i have the warm-fuzzies after reading that!!

Being a mom is magical isn't it?
Emmy said…
I can't believe he was still up! How was he the next day?

You must have a big nose to have so many things up there :)
Stephanie said…
It is amazing how those little things can truly melt our hearts:)
Susan Anderson said…
Yep, it sounds like the three of you are a match made in heaven!

Jen said…
I remember first giggles. That was even more fun than the first time she said mama. Enjoy your little ones!
Noodle said…
Ally only says maaaawmeee... when she is mad or really hungry!... But says da-da when she want to play... It's kinda dishearting... But Johnny says cause I'm a comfort to her and he is just a play thing... That helps me feel a little better... but still...Sammy zonks out pretty easy now, but thats jsut cause she wont take a nap anymore.. (but that means eairly bedtimes so lots more mommy daddy time!!!)

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