Keith  is quite the talker.  People always comment on how well and how much he talks.  But I guess that is common for the oldest child.  He is also a comedian.  I laugh every day because of something he says.

Last night he was saying his prayers.  Along with thanking Heavenly Father for his parents and grandparents, he also thanked Him for "dinosaurs and very scary dinosaurs."  It was very hard to not bust up laughing.

He also is a lyricist.  His favorite song is The Wheels on The Bus.  However, the wheels don't go round and round.  Nor do we sing about anything as silly as wheels.  We sing about "the robots on the bus go crash crash crash.... the skeletons on the bus go clickety clack... the grandmas on the bus give lots of treats... the monsters on the bus go roar roar roar..." You get the idea.

Every day is Halloween with Keith.  He goes trick or treating to his grandmother's room 3-4 times daily.  She gives him craisins.  His favorite things are a full moon, witches, ghosts, monsters, skeletons, owls, bats, and anything else that could possibly be seen as scary.

Nothing scares my little boy.  And I too, wish every day could be Halloween.  Best holiday ever!

He puts on his knight costume and runs around the house shouting "Let's vanquish the monsters!"

Here we go a vanquishing.


Susan Anderson said…
This is such a cute post. He sounds a lot like my first son. Very creative and lots of fun.

I love his version of "The Wheels on the Bus".

My daughter's favorite holiday is Halloween as well. She thinks it is way too cool that she gets to go to people's houses and they give her candy, a rare treat around here considering most is made of milk chocolate and she is allergic to dairy. I am constantly picking up her trick or treating bucket, it gets used daily, but usually it gets filled with legos and Barbie
Emmy said…
So so cute!
Love that the grandmas give lots of treats, too funny. And the dinosaur prayer is awesome!
My kids also like scary things and always want spooky spooky stories.

Very fun post
Blogs said…
That is so very true! The first child is the most intelligent, talks clear and easy to take care of! Second one, forget it! Don't know what happened there:) He is quite the lyricist isn't he....I want to hear him:)
Noodle said…
Sammy is just discovering Princesses and that "she is a princess" She has to dress up and have tea partys its so cute... This age is fun when they are not pushing buttons =)
Laura said…
So cute, what a funny little guy! I can't wait until my baby boy is into all the "boy stuff" little boys are so cute with their trucks and dinosaurs and and all that.
Lara Neves said…
He sounds like a very fun kid! You have lots of great moments together, I can tell. :)
Traci66 said…
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I am lining up some reviews and giveaways which I hope to start this next week. Come join in the fun.
Unknown said…
He is so cute!
Great blog!
I love the salt lake Temple too :)
Are you in Utah?
I am following your blog and would love if you say hi and follow me back too.
Jenny said…
Oh, what a sweet and profound little guy. I can only imagine the joy he gives his Grandmother. He is just precious.
There is so much truth in the things that little kids say... If only we could listen better, and be free to offer that honesty ourselves!
Trish said…
I'm cracking up like crazy here! Btw there is something waiting for you on my blog!
Happy FF!

I'm your newest follower! If you get a chance, could you please follow me too at

Have a great weekend!
Em said…
HA! not common for our oldest child. people always comment on how little brennan talks and if i'm "concerned" or if i think he is talking enough for his age. he has always made us wait a little longer for all of his milestones. we soak them up when they come. "ice ooce peez" was what he said after lunch. "ice juice please" aka popsicle. love hearing toddlers talk.
CB said…
You will be SO glad you are writing down in your blog all of these super cute things Keith says - just adorable!

And you are a woman after my own heart - I LOVE Halloween - favorite holiday and I don't know many others who like it too - You Rock!
alpinekleins said…
Everyday must be an adventure in the likes of your living room :)

Familia Morales said…
What a boy! I love the skeletons/grandmas/robots on the bus. He has such a good imagination. Everyday must be an adventure for you.

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