The Howler and an Update

A soft whimper emenated from behind the closed door.

I paused, hoping it was just a fluke.

My hope was vain.  The whimpering continued.  I softly opened the door and crept into the darkened room.

 Keith was curled into a ball, whimpering.  His eyes were closed and his blankets lay on the floor.  I pulled them up and tucked them around him, stroked his feverish brow and whispered secrets into his ear.  I told him what a special boy he is, how much I love him, and how proud of him I am.  I also asked him to stop growing up because, really, he is getting too big and I just want to cling to his little boy form.

With one last "I love you" I softly kissed his chubby cheek and left the room.  Minutes later the whimpering changed into howls.  I rushed down the stairs to see if he was hurting anywhere.

I burst into the room to see his face buried in his pillow.  When he heard me he turned his face towards me.  Tears were being squeezed out of the corners of his eyes as he continued to cry.

"What is it, Darling?  What do you need?"

I had to laugh.  Such a big cry for something so little.
I gave it to him and went upstairs to make cookies.  He deserved some good chocolate chip cookies.
He woke up while I was feeding Faye so my angel MIL went down to let him out of his room.  I heard a struggle and lots of screaming.  Then the screaming came up the stairs.  Keith had big green buggers escaping his little nose, and a red red face as he screamed "I WANNA GO BACK TO BED!  LET ME GO BACK TO MY ROOM!"  Such weird behavior from him.  He didn't want any cookies, or stories, or kisses, he just wanted to go back to sleep.  I left him in bed and went up to talk with my mother in law.  Evidently he had not let her in his room at first.  She had tried to open the door because he was banging on it, and he kept slamming it closed on her.  She tried to push it open, but he was standing on the other side, pushing it closed with all the strength of his little body.

Needless to say, we will be very happy when his fever is gone and he feels better.

But in happier news, Jeffrey had an interview on Friday.  They called yesterday to say that the interview went well and they are doing a background check on him now.  He also got an email requesting a drug test.  He is fairly confidant he has the job.  I am very excited!  I have adored having him home.  I wish he could always be around, but he is very ready to go back to work.

So I am off to buy blueberries.  When we get the phone call that he got the job, he is getting a blueberry pie... I guess that means I need to finish making an apron.  So excited and praying my guts out he will get this. 

And Miss Faye is sitting up! Her balance gets better and better each day. My how fast they grow up!


Chantel said…
I hope he gets the job. I agree, though it's nice having the hubby at home. If Brian ever gets a job where he has to leave the house I don't know what I'll do. I'm so used to having him here!!
Susan Anderson said…
I am adding my prayers to yours on the job front! And also that your little guy will be well very soon.

CB said…
Faye is darling. My girls are so old now that it has been a Lllooonnnnggg time since we had a baby girl in the house. So Sweet!
Your poor little man - It is just no fun to be sick - but hey, more cookies for you - ha ha.

I HOPE your husband gets this job - Wahoo!! Here's hoping you all get a blueberry pie soon!
Emmy said…
Oh I so hope he gets the job! That would be awesome.
And hope that Kieth gets better soon too!
Gina said…
Saying a prayer for your hubby!
Laura said…
Awww poor Kieth! I hope he's feeling better soon. You know when they don't want cookies they really aren't feeling least around here! Yay for the job that is great! And Faye is seriously so cute, what a fun age!
Noodle said…
I hope keith gets feeling better here really soon... Sick babys are bad but sick todlers are worse!
Familia Morales said…
Oh, I hope Keith feels better soon. So sad when little kiddos and babies are sick. Good luck with the job, I hope your hubby gets it!
Trish said…
Poor little guy! Hope he is better soon! Good luck to Jeffrey! And wow, Faye is sitting up? Wow!
Anonymous said…
i do hope he gets the job! the waiting is so hard but things sound on the up and up!
you have creative writing skills,
very moving piece,
I see you in motion with your words in my sight.
Happy Wednesday!
Anonymous said…
I love the way you have expressed yourself on your blog. :) I am sure that all will work out for the best. :) I hope you all have a lot of fun in life. :)
Serline said…
Before you know it, Miss Faye will be off and walking, running, stumbling... they sure do grow up fast!
Jenny said…
Oh, little ones act so odd sometimes when they are feverish. Hope everyone is well now and your husband has gotten good news on the job.

Both of your children are adorable.

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