The Equation

Two kids
Two fevers
Two marathon running noses
Two bodies needing 24 hour cuddling
Four pink eyes
One vomiting
One coughing
One week long {and counting} tantrum

All this equals no spare time.

I sure hope it ends soon.
In the meantime, I may be forced to remain scarce.

Here's to hoping it passes soon.


CB said…
Oh man Good Luck - Hope you have a supply of chocolate in the house!

Hope it gets better fast!
Susan Anderson said…

many, many hugs coming your way...

Hope every one is well VERY soon.

Gina said…
Blech! Hope they get well and you stay well!!
Chantel said…
I'm so sorry. I hope you and the kids get feeling better soon.
Emmy said…
So so sorry! Hope everyone is better soon
I will say a prayer for them and you!
Gail said…
Oh Amy! Serious prays for you and your fam-bam!
Trish said…
My neighbors were all getting pink eye as well. Most unfortunate! Here is to a quick recovery!
A mom marathon at its best.

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