En Guarde

Things just got personal.

A battle has been in the fighhting stages around here. 

Pink Eye Vs Faye.
Cough VS me

But when cough and pink eye teamed up against Faye, inviting a little fever to join their dirty play date inside my sweet Faye, the ante just got upped.

I will not stand for that.  She cannot be sicker than me.  If she is, how can I help her fight it off.  At least I do have my secret weapon of breast feeding.  She has full access to my antibodies, and replenishes her dose between six and eight times a day.

But war is on my little germy enemies.  War is on, and it will not be pretty for you when I have finnished.

My arsenal consists of:
Extra naps :}
Gargling with hot salt water
Oranges and strawberries
Chocolate {soothes the sore throat.  Don't believe me?  Try it.  I dare you.}
Long hot showers {for the steam}
and lots and lots of Faye cuddling.

I give you three days.  You will be fallen by then, mark my words.

And then the rejoicing will commence and the kingdom will celebrate in the appropriate fashion.

Now excuse me as I go suite up and ready myself for the secret ambush.  Little germmys wont know what hit them.


Susan Anderson said…
Here's to a complete victory...and SOON!


PS. Sorry your sweet little girl is miserable...It's always easier to be sick ourselves, isn't it?
Gail said…
Oh poor little thing! Hope you're all better before you know it! Chocolate really is a miracle drug!
Emmy said…
Sorry :( Poor girl.

And go mama go! Kill those germs, you can win!
CB said…
Well I have no doubt that you will be kicking some germ butt and good!!

Look at poor little Faye's eyes. Oh poor thing. I know it doesn't hurt but it is no fun to have your eyes oozing.

Get well soon - both of you!
Em said…
Chantel said…
Amy, not to go all doctor on you but Theraflu is not supposed to be taken while you are breastfeeding. A couple of the active ingredients are known to pass through breast milk are are generally considered unsafe.

The acetaminophen that is in it is safe so I'd switch to just taking Tylenol and Sudafed, which is also known to be safe. You can also take a cough medicine like Robitussin.

I'd stick with things with one active ingredient rather than things like the Theraflu that have a mixture.
Lara Neves said…
Poor thing! I hate seeing babies so sick. Hope she feels better soon! And you too!
Familia Morales said…
Poor little Faye. You go get those germs mama bear!
Shannon said…
:( At least little Faye's eyes match her outfit! Poor sweet girl! :(
Anonymous said…
Poor Faye! She looks so miserable, but at least she has you to cuddle with. How are you two doing today, any better at all?
what happened to his eyes,
hope that everything is okay with your son,
he looks adorable and cute!

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