Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Sisterhood/Brotherhood/Familyhood of the Traveling Gene

The "Spread Your Wings and Fly" gene.  Somehow we all got it.

I feel a little bad for my parents who rarely see their grand kids.

But what can you do?  Out of seven kids one lives in MD, one lives in MO, one lives in CO, one lives in ID, and three live in UT.  One is still living at home and trying to finish school, we are living in the same city but I desperately want to move out of state, and one lives quite a ways south.

So when one of my siblings comes into town, there is always a big dinner, laughter, talking and game playing.

Two of my sisters happened to be here at the same time, so we of course had a dinner/birthday party.

I had a wonderful time talking with my niece.  Turns out, we have lots in common.  But she is much better at archery than I am.

And we found an unattended camera.

One of the fundamental rules in my family is to never leave your camera unattended.  Why?

That's why.

My niece and I had a lot of fun filling up a memory card.  I love digital cameras, but sure miss the surprise factor of a camera with film.  What a fun gift it would be for the owner to find our smiling noses faces on their camera!

But in my family it is just a way to make sure we are remembered.  That darn traveling gene.  We have to stay connected somehow and close up nose shots are how we truly say we love each other.

And tomorrow is round two of family time.  I will be taking my camera.  And no, it will not leave my sight.  I can't wait!

* * *Fess Up Friday * * *
I lost 2 lbs this week!  I am a little excited about the whole thing.  I have been doing fairly well with not eating junk... aside from the night we lit a fire and had marshmallows.  Boy were they good.  I started green smoothies again today and couldn't believe how good I felt all day.  I didn't even want any junk all day.  I was pretty surprised and impressed with it myself.  So glad I brought back the green smoothy.  Also, I got a new book that I have been longing to read.  It is The China Study by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell II.  I am loving it so far, and hope I can implement some of the things I learn.  But again 2 lbs is not a lot, but it makes me happy.  Yay!  This whole fess up thing is really helping.
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