Friday, March 19, 2010

My New Obsession

Sometimes I wonder about myself.  I mean, really.  I am the strangest girl I have ever met.  I love Jane Austen movies.  I am not a fan of other chick flicks.  I don't like being manipulated into feeling a certain way, and chick flicks try to do that.

When Jeffrey and I first married, we went through an obsession of The A Team.  It was great.  Next {and still} we became a little obsessed with Doctor Who {on a side note, we walked over to Wal Mart tonight.  As we were walking home, we were talking about how cool it would be if the Tardus (The Doctor's phonebooth/ship) appeared in the alley.  The Doctor would come out, we would rush him screaming about how we are his biggest fans, and he would probably get right back in the Tardus and time travel away.  Obsess much?  Yes, yes we do.} and now we have just come up with a new obsession.  One I am quite excited for.

My little brother loaned us The Drunken Master.  One of Jackie Chan's first films.  Awesome!  I love Jachik Chan so much.  He is amazing and hilarious all at the same time.  His movies have enough comedy in them, and way cool fight scenes.

So I began to wonder, what is wrong with me?  All my obsessions are guy shows.  I mean really.  The A Team?  That has guy written all over it.  It is all about explosives and fighting.  Doctor Who is serious sci-fi.  And Jackie Chan?  Martial Arts.  Weird.

On another topic, poor Miss Faye is sick.  I never had to deal with a sick baby before.  Keith was healthy until about two weeks ago.  He has only thrown up once, and had a fever once.  That was just this past summer.  Poor Faye has such a bad cough and congestion, but no fever.  The lack of a fever makes me happy.  But my heart still breaks just a little every time she coughs.  It isn't a little cough, it is a very congested flemmy cough.  But again, no fever so there isn't a whole lot for me to worry about yet.

* * * Fess Up * * * 
Meh, this week wasn't so great.  Last Sunday my FIL asked me to make cookies.  Oatmeal Raisin.  My favorite kind.  I did run a mile on Monday.  But only a mile.  I couldn't do more because the kids needed me.  I also ran a mile and a half on Wednesday.  It sure felt good.  But then I had chocolate cake that night as it was my FIL's birthday.  Then again on Thurs.  Basically, I have done horribly this week.  But I only decided to do the accountability part yesterday, so I am not too upset.  Better luck next week!  Hopefully I will be on my way to getting a new shirt!

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