Monday, March 29, 2010

My Man

Yesterday while walking through the halls at church my friend stopped me.  She said something that broke my heart just a litlle bit.

"Wow, he is a little boy now!"

I looked at Keith and saw that he is growing up a lot.  He is huge now.  When did that happen?  My baby is growing into a fine little man.

He likes to take charge of a situation.

At my church we have Sacrament Meeting last.

When the closing prayer had been said Keith stood up on the bench and said really loudly "All done!  Everyone go outside now."  The sweet ladys behind us all burst out in laughter.  It was a funny moment.

He is wanting to be potty trained now.  He is sure trying.  Every night before bed he asks to go potty.  We take him in and set him on the toilet and he will sit for about two minutes before saying he is done.  He hasn't actually gone yet, but I have high hopes.  I just need to be a little more dedicated and we will have ourselves a potty trained little man.
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