Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Favorite Drink

Drink the sky.

I never really understood that phrase before today.

After a very important phone call we decided to go for a walk in The Hollow and have a picnic there.  I told Keith if we were very quiet we might see a deer.  The whole rest of the time he talked continually of reindeer, racoon, and the cougar that lives up there.  Keith was on Jeffrey's shoulders and we were talking about something or other.  Not really paying attention to the jabbering of my son {I always vowed I would never do that to my children, yet I find myself doing it.  So sad} it finally registered what Keith was saying.

"Shh, be quiet.  Be quiet so we can see deer.  Quiet Mommy.  Stop talking Daddy.  Wanna see the deer!"

He was a little disappointed when we didn't see any animals other than a hawk.  But the sandwiches and apple were perfect for such a spring afternoon.

And the sky was such a color it was almost drinkable.  We basked like lizards on a hot rock.  Faye even enjoyed it.  When it was time to go home everyone was disappointed.  But naps were necessary.  Especially since Keith hasn't been sleeping well.

He has been waking up in the middle of the night.  And his naps haven't been sleeping very long.  He kept waking up grumpy and crying.  We were baffeled.   He used to be such a good sleeper.  Then yesterday I was walking past his room and I heard him start to cry.  I opened his door to find him on the floor and eyes still struggling to open.  My poor child has been falling out of his bed.  Poor child.

But he is very observing.  The other day he looked at my feet.  With a very concerned look on his face he said "Mommy you have owie?"  and then kissed my toe.  I guess it is time to use the nail polish remover.

And just for fun, here is a picture of the adorable Fayelicious.  I am still amazed at how big she is getting.  Still so sweet and adorable.  Man alive, I love my kids.

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