Manipulation Masters

I used to wonder how people learned manipulation.  Some people are really good at it.  I figured it was something  observed and then mimicked.

That is until I caught Keith manipulating me.

I changed my mind. Keith used to be a great sleeper.  We would put him to bed around 7:30.  He would go right to bed and then sleep until 8:00 at the earliest in the morning.  No fuss, no arguments.  It was brilliant.

Naps were the same way.

And then we moved in with my inlaws.

Going to bed is quite the ordeal.  I consider it a good night if he is asleep by ten.  He has taken to standing at the door and screaming and crying.  I have to go somewhere I can't hear the noise or else my heart breaks.

I mean have you ever tried to withstand a pathetically crying toddler with these words "Mommy!  I love you.  Let me out.  Mommy, want kisses.  Want to hug you.  Keithy needs you Mommy!  Let me out.  Come get me."?

My child is clever.  He is brilliant.  Especially because he knows his Paca (his name for Grandpa) gives in after the first 30 seconds of crying.  I am learning to ignore it.  Paca begs me to give in. 

I tell you what, bedtime is now rough.

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tinahead81 said…
oh no! that's terrible! i hope you can get it under control soon! stay strong mommy!
Malinda said… kid! I use to hyperventilate until my mom/anyone gave in. Then my doctor told my mom to just ignore me...suddenly I was cured! Kids sure learn how to push the right buttons fast!
Emmy said…
That would be hard! It would be one thing if he was just crying, but with words like that... good luck :)
Lisa Anne said…
Seems everyone is having bedtime problems. My kitten is just as manipulative with his crying. He has 4 different cries. I think it's just an hanamalistic thing.
Hmm well I guess I'll give you advice once I get to that point and figure things out myself. Or maybe you'll be the one giving advice at that point...oh well.
Em said…
these are the times when i'm glad brennan is speach and language delayed. all i have to listen to is crying when he doesn't feel like cooperating. much less painful on the heart. lol
Gina said…
I'm pretty strong on most things parenting-related but begging for kisses might just get me.
Momisodes said…
Grr, that would drive me bonkers.
I really hope the old sleep routine falls back into place soon!
Sue said…
Hang tough, Amy! He needs his sleep; he just doesn't realize it yet.

Katie Lane said…
That does sound rough, hang in there.
Alyssa said…
I am so sorry for you. I KNOW how hard that can be. (Unfortunately I don't have answers) Definitely little ones manipulate better than any adults I've seen. Maybe all can agree on bedtime and a routine; it's harder to manipulate a "united front". Goooooood luck!
Vic said…
I've learned to ignore...move used to be a never ending experience. He'll get over it. I tell Miss H to go night nights so we can go to the book store and get our faces painted....etc...etc....Good Luck Mama!
Jingle said…
please give him more freedom,
American parents have strict disciplines, I know my neighbor ground her boys all the time...

let me tell u,
I never ground my kids,
simple stay calm and tell them what's wrong when they have mistakes or bad attitude...everything is great!

love is everything,
home is the only place a kid can be fully loved.

Happy Thursday!
My son is a natural born manipulator!!!! Rachel is close behind him I fear, and Callum well with his sweet smile he is the worse. Seriously just stick to your guns and he will get bored trying his shenanigans. They always do!
Jingle said…
An award for u in my updated post today,

friendship award,
thank u for the attention!
Jingle said…
Good Evening!

I see how family stuff go here,
letting it out will left u up and happy Weekend!

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