Monday, March 29, 2010

The Magic Lipstick and The Easter Basket

Do you remember the Red Revolution?  Last year or possibly the year before that, I forget, I joined in the Red RevolutionRed lipcolor has long been forgotten and ignored, but it is such a classic color.   It should be worn more often.  So, with a little idea planted in my head from my friend Emily, I decided to wear Red more often.  I then discovered it holds great magic.  When I wear the Red my husband really can't say no to me.  It is a power I try not to exploit, but unfortunately for him, my Red has just developed a greater power.   

Its pretty, isn't it?  With a little pout, a smile and a kiss, he is powerless.  Want to know what it is?
An atomic fireball!  Delicious, and great color.  Then when you forget about it and lick your lips, you get a fabulously sweet taste. Kissing just became more enjoyable.  I may never go back to lipstick!

Today the craft bug visited me again.  It is coming more and more frequently, and I am loving it!  Tomorrow for preschool there is going to be an Easter egg hunt.  Keith needs a basket, so I went to town today.  I got a basket from my mother.  I spray painted it green but then added a spash of black just to help it not look so girly.  I then glued spanish moss all around the basket and handle.  I burned my fingers several times, but that is the price we pay for creating.  I glued little berries all around, and a monogram for Keith.

Some may call it "girly", but I prefer the term "earthy."  What do you think?

You have to look closely near the handle is the monogram.  I should have done it in a different color.  Oops.  I will know for Faye's basket.  Learning from my mistakes.
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