The Magic Lipstick and The Easter Basket

Do you remember the Red Revolution?  Last year or possibly the year before that, I forget, I joined in the Red RevolutionRed lipcolor has long been forgotten and ignored, but it is such a classic color.   It should be worn more often.  So, with a little idea planted in my head from my friend Emily, I decided to wear Red more often.  I then discovered it holds great magic.  When I wear the Red my husband really can't say no to me.  It is a power I try not to exploit, but unfortunately for him, my Red has just developed a greater power.   

Its pretty, isn't it?  With a little pout, a smile and a kiss, he is powerless.  Want to know what it is?
An atomic fireball!  Delicious, and great color.  Then when you forget about it and lick your lips, you get a fabulously sweet taste. Kissing just became more enjoyable.  I may never go back to lipstick!

Today the craft bug visited me again.  It is coming more and more frequently, and I am loving it!  Tomorrow for preschool there is going to be an Easter egg hunt.  Keith needs a basket, so I went to town today.  I got a basket from my mother.  I spray painted it green but then added a spash of black just to help it not look so girly.  I then glued spanish moss all around the basket and handle.  I burned my fingers several times, but that is the price we pay for creating.  I glued little berries all around, and a monogram for Keith.

Some may call it "girly", but I prefer the term "earthy."  What do you think?

You have to look closely near the handle is the monogram.  I should have done it in a different color.  Oops.  I will know for Faye's basket.  Learning from my mistakes.


Susan Anderson said…
It looks beautiful and Eastery, that's for sure!


enjoy it only if you like it,
if you comment for Jamie, Brian, and Viola, you take the butterfly award as well!
Happy Tuesday to you!
Glam Girl said…
Love the last picture, I can't believe Easter is so close!
Emmy said…
So so cute! Love that basket. And yeah.. I don't think I am with you on the fireball thing.. can't really stand those things
Anonymous said…
What a great way to get color! Very becomming on you, I think you should wear atomic fireball more often.
CB said…
You crack me up! I LOVE Red Lipstick and you are new to my blog so you may not know that I am the President of the Big Lips Society - Yep I pretty much bring big, RED, wax lips to all parties for fun and entertainment!! Seriously I am strange but everyone loves it!!
Red lipstick is the bomb and nobody can run from you when you have it on!
Love the basket - I especially like the berries all over it!!
Blogs said…
Sooooo prettyful-The lipstick and baskets:) I shopped last night for easter things-big mistake with the girls right there! I'm going to take one at a time from now on!
Noodle said…
I love the basket... I have felt bags for the girls cause that way they can store flat.... We arealways camping over Easter so space is at a permium...
Anonymous said…
Magic fireball lip stick, fun for all ages! Way to rock it.

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