Monday, March 22, 2010

The Lonely Pup or How Keith Got a Black Eye

Friday my son was a doggy.  At least that is what my father in law said.

Jeffrey and I had to run to the grocery store to grab something for dinner.  I don't remember what it was, but some vital ingredient.  We left Keith in the very capable hands of his grandfather.  When we left he was laughing.

When we returned.  He was screaming.

Evidently when he discovered we had left, he laid down on the floor in front of the door and cried.  Just like a loyal dog would do.

He cried and cried the whole time we were gone.  His grandfather tried to comfort him, but he would not be comforted.  He stood up and turned around and ran smack into the corner of the banister.

He now has a black eye.

At least that is the story his grandfather told us.

In other news, Spring has sprung.  Did you know?  It sort of snuck up on me this year, and I still haven't had my ritual picnic.  I know, hu?  I can't believe I would miss it either.  But "things are so exciting around here, who needs an enema?"{If anyone can tell me what movie that quote comes from, I will send them a batch of cookies.  Really.} {And I just remembered I still owe you a prize, Emily for guessing I was pregnant... over a year ago.  Oops!  I will get that in the mail for you asap.}

Saturday Jeffrey checked his email and someone had contacted him concerning a job.  He had to take a test today, and passed in flying colors.  He gets to go out and take another technical test tomorrow and if he passes that he gets an interview.  So he is studying all day today, and probably all morning tomorrow as well.  We have our fingers crossed.  If he gets this job it will mean insurance!  So, if you could send prayers and happy thoughts our way we could really use them.

So, off I go to wait in anticipation, and to enjoy this beautiful cloudy day.  I may have to go for a ganter in the Hollow to enjoy the full effects of the spring sprinkling we are getting.  *Sigh*  Really, with spring just outside your doors, what isn't to love?
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