Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Job Opening to be Filled ASAP


A qualified dream interpretur, or someone who is good enough with rhetoric to sound like they qualify for this position.

Young mother having frequently and increasingly boring dreams.  Used to look forward to sleep so as to see what wild adventure she would go on.  Now dreads sleep as it is only more work.  Somehow her dreams have shifted to doing chores.

Complaints include a dream about shopping around for a mini van.  Not test driving, but looking for deals on the internet and in the paper, comparing crash ratings and mpgs.  Also included is a dream about sorting and washing mountains of laundry.  Nothing happened in either dream.

Qualified applicant must know antidote for boring dreams, and have a very good interpretation of said dreams.

Accepting all applications immediately. 

A plate of Girl Scout Samoa cookies will ensure you with the job.
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