Monday, March 8, 2010

I Have Magic Kisses

Keith hates bandaids.  I think it is the oddest thing.  All Most toddlers I have met love bandaids.  They consider it a cure all. 

But not my son.  No, he refuses to wear one.  When he gets cut and is bleeding all over, he doesn't scream or cry.  When I try to put a bandaid on it though, good   golly miss Molly!  You would think the world has come to an end.  He kicks and screams and cries until he can rip that bandaid off.

However, when he gets hurt, he shows me where he got hurt (usually his finger) and asks me to kiss it better.  And the kissing it better generally happens four or five times in the hour.  And then it really is all better.

If only that is how it really works, hu?

The funniest part, is I never taught him about kissing an owie or a hurt better.  He just asked me to do it one day.  What a sweet little boy.

And that, my friends, is the payment for Motherhood.  The sweet little tear stained face pleading "Kiss it better, Mommy.  Kiss it all better."  And the warmth that engulfs your heart as you realize the total and complete trust and love the child has for you.
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