The Hunt

It has been a month and a half.
Strange things are happening.

Last year my wonderful husband had an incredible opportunity to intern with The Church {of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints}.  His boss loved him.  His co-workers loved him.  Because really, what is not to love?  Sadly, we knew the internship would only last a year.  We began to get a little nervous when December hit.  January 5th marked a year.  However, because they loved him so much, they extended his internship a month.  That was all they could do.

Since the end of January we have been on the hunt.

We have found many wonderful things.

But still no job.

We are a lot closer to eachother.  We can laugh despite our worries.  We have an incredibly deep love for our family, and for our testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have not found a job.

We decided it would be prudent to sell the house seeing as there are no jobs in the town where our house resides.  All the jobs are in the big city about 30 miles south. 

No one is buying our house.

I began looking for a job, though it is something I have always dreaded.  I believe my children need me more than we need fancy things.  But food isn't a fancy thing.  Clothes aren't fancy things.  So one of us needs to find a job.  I applied for one, and didn't hear anything back.  I then looked into another.  There were many openings.  I had worked there for 3 years before and actually enjoyed it.  A surprise considering it was very menial work.  I went through the big process of filling out the paper work.  Waiting a week to hear back.  Scheduling a test.  Waiting a week before I could take it.  Taking the test.  I only had to wait three days to get the results of my test.  And then guess what.  I tried to apply for the position I wanted.  It was gone.  They were all gone.

I am begining to think neither of us are meant to work right now.  We are living with my wonderful inlaws as we wait for the house to sell.  Our realtor sometimes gives us 5 minutes notice that someone wants to look at the house, so not living there seemed to be the best way to keep it clean and ready.

I have learned my Jeffrey looks incredibly hot with a beard.  Also, beards really hurt to kiss. 
I have learned that though money problems are the number one reason for divorce, we are safe from it.  Though we have less money than I have had since I was 8 {I had a job back then.  I was a paper girl and made bank!  And that is where it all went.  My bank.  I think I saw about $5 each month} we are still very kind and caring with eachother.  We don't fight or yell, and we work together.  Thank heavens!  I don't think I could do it if we weren't getting along.
I have learned that Faith is not something you can take for granted.  It is something that has to be constantly worked at every day, and sometimes Heavenly Father just wants to try us to see where we stand... or to help us see where we stand, and what we need to do to improve.
I have learned that there is nothing more important to me than my family.  I don't really have time for blogging anymore, because I have so much fun every day with Keith and Faye.  I don't want them to feel the stresses we are dealing with, so I spend extra time with them, and I love it.  I forgot that being a Mommy is so much fun!
I have learned that things always work out.  I am still learning that.  I don't worry about the future {for the most part} because I know everything will work out.  Sometimes I have moments of fear, and moments of worry and stress.  But for the most part, we are happy.  Happily living in the basement of my in-law's house.  Happy with all the time our kids get to spend with their grandparents.  Happy with all the things we are learning, and most importantly, happy with our lives and eachother.

So though the hunt is becoming more and more like a cat and mouse game, {I am pretty sure Jeffrey has now applied to 300-ish jobs... and that is not an exaggeration} things will work out and we are happy.  And having Faye last year really helped our tax return which will help us for quite a few months to come, so that really helps.

And anyway, I love having Jeffrey home with me.  I love being able to laugh and giggle with him late at night and not worry about him having to get up early the next morning.  I love the breakfast in bed that I get about twice a month {waffles and orange juice.  So good!}.  I love that we can go on family outings any time we want.  And Keith is so in love with his Daddy time, it will be a hard thing for him when Jeffrey is finally blessed with a job again.

So, through our trials we find much joy.  I guess it is all a perspective thing, and I only see things as full.


Susan Anderson said…
You've got just the right attitude, Amy. You two are lucky to have each other and your beautiful children.

And the job will come along, too.

Gina said…
You are doing the right, albeit difficult, thing, enjoying the time with your husband. My hubby was laid off for a while and I loved having him home with me. And you are SO right about the B has one too.
Familia Morales said…
I love you how you are always looking on the bright side. Enjoy all your wonderful family time. Good luck with the hunt. What kind of job is he looking for, I can keep an eye out in this area. :)
Emmy said…
Good good for you! What a wonderful outlook. I hope he is able to find something soon, but so glad you are enjoying this time as much as possible.
Noodle said…
When Johnny was layed off from his last job in feb i was really freaked out but after visiting the temple with my hubby... I recieved a sense on peace that as long as we do are part we will be fine... I'm so glad we are blessed with the gosple and the knowledge that it brings...
Blogs said…
Hey sweetie. Been there done that. We lived with Bryan's Grandmother for some time and it's fabulous to have family! So happy to hear you have a place to stay with your kids. Not sure what you do on the internet but I have stayed home for several years and sell on ebay while he works outside the home. Sell. If you need help, maybe I can help ya out but whatever it takes to get some more money. It will all work out and you guys will not fall apart! You have to go through things to get stronger! Sounds like you've got good family and support! Keep positive and let me know if I can help;)
Hi there!

We are already followers of your blog but just wanted to stop by to check out your site again and say hello. :)
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad that you are taking the time to enjoy your family and live in the moment. We all know there will be a time we can't all be together and these are the moments we will cherish. I'm so glad that you have been blessed with such a supportive family, they make the difference in these crazy times. So here's to a new job that brings joy and just also happens to pay the bills (and here's to selling your house quickly!).
You amaze and humble me my love!
Shelby said…
Amy...I will be praying for your family but I can tell by what you are saying that He IS taking good care of y'all! YOu have a wonderful outlook and God surely will bless you for keeping the faith!!

My in-laws and several of my friends are going through this right now too. I really believe and pray that our economy turns around very soon!

Em said…
sheesh, we're right in the midst of all of that too. sean takes the boards next month, grads in may, and hopefully finds a job somewhere between now and then in utah. otherwise, it's a good thing i've been more open to oregan and arizona lately b/c that is prob where we'll end up! i just hate the heat and know i will be crabby in arizona from june-sept. oh well, at least he promised me a pool! lol

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