Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Winter Bouquet

The house was silent.  Both kids were asleep and Jeffrey and I were in the kitchen getting a snack.  Graham crackers and applesauce.  Have you ever had it?  So so good.  

Jeffrey looked out the window and saw the blue grey sky.  The wind was calling to us, and so with a quick arrangement for my mother in law to listen for our kids, we slipped out and went down to The Hollow.

The Hollow is a wetland area.  For years contractors had tried to build houses on it, but the foundation kept sinking.  Wet land, you know.  So, they converted it into a beautiful nature walk.

As we walked, I was struck by the vibrant colors all around.  The berries, the nuts, the colors of the burning bushes (it was a bright red bush that made me think of Moses and the burning bush).  I was in awe. 

I decided to make a winter bouquet.  Jeffrey laughed at me.  I don't need flowers from a store, I am completely happy with twigs.  But I have to go on the nature walk and get them myself.  As we walked through The Hollow, my soul was unloaded.  The hills and the air just sang to me, and lifted me.  I think I need a little of that each and every day.

As we were on the hunt for plants for my winter bouquet, we crossed a stream on a ladder that was lying from one bank to the other.  We walked along the marsh, looking for the perfect bobcat tail.  We had to be careful to not step in any deer droppings.  I think we were invading their home.  We found some nuts, got some more berries, and decided it was time to head back home.  As we were getting ready to cross the creek again Jeffrey saw something on the ground and asked if I knew what it was.  A log.  It looked just like a green decaying log with wholes in it.  I was wrong.  It was a deer skull.  Very weird to see.  They have huge teeth, did you know?

After our little nature walk we headed home.  With a very happy heart, and a beautiful bouquet to hold me over until flowers can grace my table.

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