As promised, pictures!

Sorry for the sideways pictures.

We had someone else come look at our house today. I am really praying they see the potential and give us an offer. We really need to get it sold as soon as possible.

I think it is the cutest little house ever, and can't figure out for the life of me why people aren't just clamoring for the ownership of my little gem. *sigh* oh well. The taste of some people just can't be accounted for.

For really good pictures, go here. The guy worked some magic that my camera just couldn't do. And if you want to give an offer, that would really make my day!

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tinahead81 said…
i love the colors you used!! its an adorable house!! i've definetly come look at it!!
Chantel said…
It looks so nice. Why are you moving? I don't think I ever heard you say why. We'll be sad to see you go.
Sue said…
Cute place! And I hope it sells soon!!

Are you moving just because you need a bigger house, or are you relocating?

Tawni said…
Oh I love the colors! I'd buy it if we were in the market right now.
It looks great! You did a fantastic job getting it ready, but why are you selling it?
Laura said…
I love your living room and the rug, so cool! And the shelves above the bar thing very fun. Oh and the red in the kitchen... My house is very jealous of your clean house. :)
Emmy said…
Looks great! Hope it sells quickly for you
Noodle said…
Love the house... Its so cute and I love all the hard work you and your wonderful hunny put into it...
Lisa Anne said…
I love the paint colors. I think your house is great. Just be patient, it's a tough market out there.

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