Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Saturday is a Special Day...

Remember when I was about to go postal? Not fun. I had to take a break. So I did. But what I didn't say was my husband saw me in my peril, jumped on his white stallion and came to my rescue. It was divine.

...This is him after a week of not shaving. He was trying to do a mug shot photo because he thought it would be funny. I didn't realize until now how unkempt and smelly he looks in this picture. He really is quite handsome and charming. At any rate...

The 29th constituted as his last day with his internship.

That meant that right when I was on the verge of breaking down, he was home to help me. And he has been home since then.

I have loved every second of it.

I know of many women who say they can't handle it when their husbands are home, they drive each other crazy, and it is too hard. I am not one of those women. I love being with Jeffrey all the time. He isn't as fond of it as I am, so I have to let him have his space, but just the fact that he is here, and I can send Keith down to the man cave when I need to get some cleaning done is such a huge relief!

And the best part, is I lose track of what the day is. Really. Every day last week felt like a Saturday. The sweet treat of spending all day visiting with my husband, and then going to bed late has been wonderful.

Granted the whole "we are running out of money to pay our bills" thing is a bit annoying, and we know it wont last forever, and the stresses of finding a new job especially in this economy are not fun to deal with. But the fact that it is "Saturday" and he is home really helps make it all seem brighter and a whole lot less sinister.

So I am going to enjoy every second I can, and we are going on lots of family outings, and make lots of memories, because once he does find a new job, who knows how long it will be before he can take another vacation.

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