Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Thoughts Bouncing Around My Head

Just a few random thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head of late.

Accents. Who doesn't love a good British accent? Or Irish or Scottish, or Welsh for that matter. Heck, the South African, Australian an New Zealand accents are pretty great too. Nearly everyone I know loves at least one of those accents. So here is my question:

What accents do people from those countries prefer? Just curious.

On to bigger and better topics, my hero Jeffrey has quite possibly fixed the water damaged Darcy. Wonderful! We still haven't turned it back on, but our hopes are high. That means I will be back to reading and commenting on blogs by next week! I say next week because we are working under a deadline here.

We are really good about mad cleaning when there is an impeding crisis, but when things are going at a normal slow pace, we don't do so well. I decided I was tired of having half done projects around the house, so I called our realtor and told him we would be ready to show our house on Friday. That means some crazy painting, plumbing, and carpet cleaning are to be done between today and tomorrow. I am so excited to be done with it all!

Wish us luck!

Once it is done, I will post pictures. I think it looks fabulous! And then, if anyone wants a quaint house in Northern UT, shoot me an email, and I can hook you up!

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