Random Thoughts Bouncing Around My Head

Just a few random thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head of late.

Accents. Who doesn't love a good British accent? Or Irish or Scottish, or Welsh for that matter. Heck, the South African, Australian an New Zealand accents are pretty great too. Nearly everyone I know loves at least one of those accents. So here is my question:

What accents do people from those countries prefer? Just curious.

On to bigger and better topics, my hero Jeffrey has quite possibly fixed the water damaged Darcy. Wonderful! We still haven't turned it back on, but our hopes are high. That means I will be back to reading and commenting on blogs by next week! I say next week because we are working under a deadline here.

We are really good about mad cleaning when there is an impeding crisis, but when things are going at a normal slow pace, we don't do so well. I decided I was tired of having half done projects around the house, so I called our realtor and told him we would be ready to show our house on Friday. That means some crazy painting, plumbing, and carpet cleaning are to be done between today and tomorrow. I am so excited to be done with it all!

Wish us luck!

Once it is done, I will post pictures. I think it looks fabulous! And then, if anyone wants a quaint house in Northern UT, shoot me an email, and I can hook you up!

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Noodle said…
I work better under a tight deadline too... I hope you house sells fast and at a great price for you guys!!!
Katie Lane said…
Funny, I was just thinking about accents the other day. Do I have an accent to the ears of people who I think have accents?? Good luck!!!!
tinahead81 said…
mmm, i do love a good accent!

i do better under pressure too! lol good luck!
Emmy said…
Good luck!! You can do it!

And yes, that is a good question about the accents. I had a friend from Australia once I just remember being fascinated by all of the other words they have for things, it can practically make you think they are not speaking English at times.
Good luck with the sell! Hope you get lots of interested people coming to look!
Gail said…
I hope you're well! When you've done mad cleaning at yours you can pop over and do mad cleaning at mine :)

Accents..... I quite like a posh British one.

Our one (New Zealand) always sounds terrible to me ...and don't get me started on those Aussies :)
Sue said…
I've often wondered that, too. Like...Do they love or hate American accents?

3LittleMonkeys said…
I love an accent too! I also wonder what accents they like? Perhaps Canadian, eh?
Veronica said…
My question would be if foreign dogs speak their native language or is dog universal?

I hope Darcy survived!

Smart on the quick deadline induced hyper cleaning. Good luck on selling your house :)
Gina said…
As a speech therapist, part of my job could potentially be to reduce accents. Never ever will I do that. Ever. Never.
Momisodes said…
I don't envy your list at all. I have a very similar one for our house as well.

I'd totally move into your place once it's done if I could :)
Em said…
i clean best when i am aggitated, overly tired, overworked, or just plain any time after 11pm at night.

also, i've always secretly wanted a british accent. or australian.

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