Monday, February 22, 2010

The Perils of Renting Your House to Bachelors

And I can breathe again.

I tell you what, last week was absolutely insane! But I think things have slowed down enough now, that I can get back into my groove.

I just have to find it.

We are currently living with my in-laws so learning boundaries and the daily schedule is going to be fun for us all, but they are so great, I am sure it will not be a problem for anyone but Keith who loves being with his grandparents more than is probably healthy. But it does mean I can take more pictures, and breathe a little more... and hope that by us not living there, we can have tons of people stopping by to see the house.

Jeffrey has gone to finish fixing the plumbing. The bathtub drain had been backing up ever since we bought the house. Before then even. When we bought it the house had been a bachelor pad for several years prior, so damage was inevitable. After hundreds of dollars spent on Draino, even that magic liquid could not beat the problem. So, man that he is, Jeffrey decided he wanted to fix the clog himself.

He and his brother got together and took apart the ceiling in the basement, and then disassembled the pipes and drain. That was about three weeks ago. So we were going to my parents or his parents house to shower every day. Lots of fun, I tell you. A regular party.

But, we did discover the problem. There were two rags stuck in the bend. Two rags, and a bunch of wrappers. How they got there is beyond my understanding, but they were there. I wish I had gotten a picture before Jeffrey threw it away. It was intense.

At any rate, the truth is life is calmer now (I think... this could just be the eye of the storm). And it is the beginning of a new adventure!

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Emmy said...

What in the world?? That is just disgusting. But I guess when a bunch of single guys live in a house nothing is impossible. Glad they got it fixed.
And glad things are calmer for you now :)

jingle said...

hope that u have a beautiful day!

a star award,
u can share with all in your blogroll,
Happy Monday!

* { Shannon } * said...

Wait, why are you living with your in-laws? Did your house sell? At any rate, I hope you have your own place soon!

Chris and Francisca Hakes said...

Wow! That must be so hard not to be on your own right now but hopefully, like you said, this will lead to a quick sale. GL!

Sue said...

Ugh! I bet those rags were really gross by the time he got them out of there.


Noodle said...

Well I'm glad that they found out what was causing the back up but still what a pain in the bum.... Keith will love all the extra attention and love that he will get from grandma and grandpa...

Gail said...

Enjoy the extra hands with the kids Amy!

And ewww. What on earth were the tenants thinking?

Capt'n Amazing's wife said...

Wow! Rags in the drain? That is crazy! Btw you need to do a post on how you get so many followers! Seems like every time I visit your blog there are more followers than last time! Geez! What is your secret ingredient?

Em said...

oh sheesh, bless you. i don't think i could do it. the rag or the in laws. i love them, the inlaws, don't get me wrong, but i definitely couldn't share my living space. i don't do well with clogged drains either.

Lara said...

Uh, yeah...I'm guessing rags and wrappers are definitely something that Drano can't take care of!

Good luck, I hope you have tons of showings and sell it off quickly!

Veronica said...

2 rags and a some wrappers!!! What the....

On that note, I'm glad things are much calmer for you now!

Hope the house sells super fast :)