Monday, February 8, 2010

May I Take Your Order, Please?

I know that young people must have jobs. They have to start somewhere, but really, there has got to be some sort of intelligence test or guidelines before hiring people. Really.

We bought some crown molding a while ago. I thought we would have enough. Turns out, as we were getting ready to put it up, we found we are about 5 ln feet short. Just 5. How annoying is that? So, I called Lowes and ended up speaking with a young man (I am guessing hoping he was young). The conversation amazed me.

Me: "Hi do you carry any Trim-Tex crown molding?"
Lowes: "What's that?"
"A brand of crown molding. We are a couple of feet short."
"Is that like a brand of baseboard?"
"Well, yeah, sort of. Crown molding is decorative wood strip that goes along the ceiling."
"Oh, okay. So what kind of tile do you need?"
"To go along the ceiling, right?"
"Uh, I don't need tile. I need crown molding."
"I have never heard of it. If you want you can bring in a sample of what you have, and I can see if I can match it."
"Um, well... okay. Thanks for your time. Have a good day."

Really? He was supposed to be an expert, or at least know what crown molding is. Tile? I am still confused as to why he was asking if I needed tile. Who doesn't know what crown molding is? Really, baffles me.

Later that day, Keith had been begging for a hamburger. Jeffrey is a big softy and took him to the drive through to get one. While we were there, we were again shocked by the intelligence of these people.

Jeffrey ordered a dollar burger because that is the way we roll. When the order came up on their screen, it was priced at $1.29. Confused, we had a conversation which deepened the confusion.

"Wait, is that right? The dollar burger is showing as $1.29."
"Yeah, that is right."
"When did the price change?"
"A minute ago."
"A minute ago?"
"Yeah, a minute ago?"
"You mean if we had driven faster we could have gotten it for a dollar?"
"Well, how long ago was it then?"
"A minute. (long pause) like three or four months ago."

So, there is the hope of our future.

Do you want fries with that?

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