The Lovely List

  1. Laughing until you cry
  2. A fresh wind to clear your head and the air
  3. Free. Free train rides, free food, and free museums
  4. Learning
  5. Re-discovering old favorite songs
  6. Making new friends in people, or characters from a book
  7. The soft hum of a sleeping baby
  8. Being drenched in heavy spring rain
  9. Being needed
  10. Hot cocoa and fresh hot bread
  11. Being cuddled in Jeffrey's arms
This is my Lovely List right now. Things I think are absolutely wonderful and make life so much more lovely. It is nice to stop and focus on the lovelies once in a while. What is on your lovely list?

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Sue said…
Good list. I am giving a talk to the YA singles ward about happiness tomorrow. If it okay by you, I may borrow some of your list items...

Probably the nice long amount of sleep I got last night! That sure was lovely!
Veronica said…
I love the lovely list!

Laughter would be top on mine.
Snuggling with a sleeping babe would be high up there as well!
Emmy said…
Mmm I want some hot cocoa now, great list
Laura said…
Great list!! The simple things are always the best! :)
Em said…
AMEN! AMEN! AMEN to it all!!!

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