Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In Love, Again?

I have a new love.
Not a shocker since nearly every week I am in love with something new.
But this one is really great!
Actually, it is not a new love, but one I am still marveling over.
One that I believe everyone should succumb to its greatness.

Look what it can do

and this

Really, what isn't to love?
Spray paint must have been something stolen from the gods. When Prometheus was stealing fire I am guessing he saw the magic in a can, and grabbed it as well. We just aren't told that part.

What can you make better with a little "remodel in a can"?

On a completely different topic, I have been reprimanded and rightly so. Shannon asked me where all the pictures of Faye are, and why I don't brag them out on the blog. Honestly, it is because she doesn't do anything! I should take more pictures, but you can only have so many pictures of her looking like a deer caught in headlights. She smiles and makes the sweetest cooing sound, but right when I pull out the camera, the cooing and smiles stop. Silly girl! But she is so sweet. She hums in her sleep and it makes me smile so much. I sure love her and wish pictures would do her justice, but they just don't show the magic that is in her eyes.

So, thank you for the gentle reminder, Shannon. Here is the most recent photo of her.

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