Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Have A Confession

In moving around, the shuffle and bustle of it all, we seem to have misplaced Faye's social security card.  Kind of a problem when you are trying to get the taxes done.  To remedy that problem, Jeffrey had to rush to the SSA building and get her number.

While there, a funny thing happened to him.

As you know, it is a very quiet room.  No one talks in it.  Coughing is even awkward.

As they were all sitting awkwardly in silence, an elderly couple entered and sat near a younger couple.  The older man had a very whisky rough voice.  With more rasp than Jeffrey has ever heard, the man turned to the young couple and said "I have a confession to make.  I am addicted to brake fluid...  but I can quit anytime I want."
His wife didn't say a thing.  She didn't even look at him.  After a bit of silence, he laughed and said "Just kidding."

I love when older people have such great senses of humor.  Awesome!

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