Monday, February 15, 2010

The Gift of Life

I think the biggest gift a parent can give to their child is life.

I don't mean the gift of bringing them into the world, I mean allowing them to continue to live after said child destroys everything in the house.

Last week I was busy cleaning the kitchen and Jeffrey was working on the plumbing.

Keith was far too quiet. We had turned the computer on for him and left him to watch Dinosaur Train, as that is the easiest way to keep him out of trouble...

or so we thought.

I couldn't hear the show anymore, so assuming it had ended, I headed into the bedroom to get another qued up for him.

And that is when he received the gift of life from his parents.

The little devil had gotten a hold of a bottle of Febreeze (that I had put in a place I thought was out of his reach just before the show started) and was "cleaning" the LCD monitor screen.

We were pretty upset.

He was in big trouble, but honestly, I couldn't be too mad at him, because he thought he was being helpful. He thought he was cleaning.

After the disciplining passed, we moved on sans upstairs computer. We were then left with the man cave computer, and my Mr. Darcy.

Without a computer, Keith decided he wanted to be an artist. He got up early one morning, found the Sharpie markers in the box they were packed away in, and went to town on his "canvas" our living room rug. And his pajamas. I am just happy the walls didn't get any Keith artwork.

Again, he was granted the gift of life.

But today, that gift was nearly taken from him.

He got up this morning and had a banana. I wasn't feeling well, so I asked him to go play in his room with his robots so I could get a tiny bit more sleep.

In actuality, I suppose it was my fault.

He didn't want to play by himself, so Jeffrey pulled Darcy into the living room, and put on Keith's favorite partner in crime... Dinosaur Train.

After hearing an alarming amount of nothing, I got up and checked on Keith. He had found a spray bottle of water, and was "cleaning" the laptop.

Water and laptops are not friends.

I turned off my Mr. Darcy (and am praying it will work again after we let it dry out) and put Keith into his room to scream and pound on the door. Jeffrey went back to bed as he didn't even want to face the situation. It was too drastic for him. See, Darcy is his. It was his Father's Day gift two years ago. Although Jeffrey has let me play on Darcy and claim him as my own, he really is Jeffrey's toy, and the possibility of not being able to revive him was all too much.

After I put Keith in his room I called his sainted grandmother. I explained the depth of our love for Keith, and how we really do want him to live to see tomorrow, but if he stayed with us all day, chances of survival for him were pretty low. She said she would take him, thus giving us a day void of any more disaster.

Thank Heavens.

I am happy to report the little imp is back home with us and all hard feelings are gone. Except I know have to use the computer in the man cave. I am not happy with that, and as such, my computer time has been shortened to typing up my blog, and then rushing upstairs to make sure the house is still intact.

When we arrived at Grandmother's house to pick Keith up, in the short time it took for her to leave him and come to the door to let us in, he had emptied a bottle of shampoo in her shower to "help clean up."

At least he is learning to clean, right?

I can only say, Its a good thing toddlers are so darn cute.

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