Anne Elizabeth Hepburn: The Perfect Woman

Tonight has been a night of deep retrospection.

Amidst the mad cleaning, I began thinking.

I am not the person I was three years ago when I got married. I have changed drastically. Most of that change has been for Jeffrey, but I like the person I was so much better than the person I am now.

Tonight, to keep my sanity, I sat down and wrote. I wrote about the person I was and the things I liked. I wrote about the person I am now, and the things I like. And then I wrote about the person I want to be.

For me writing is my way of looking inside myself and seeing how I am doing. So often I just go about my life without really thinking how things are effecting me. When I sit down and write, I am often surprised by the depth of feeling that comes out. As I was tonight.

I decided I want to be a mix of Anne Shirley, Elizabeth Bennett, and Audrey Hepburn. I want Anne's imagination, her creativity, her home-making skills, and her laughter. I want Elizabeth's good sense, her wit, and her ability to laugh at her difficulties. And I want Audrey's looks. No I am kidding (though that would be nice) I wan Audrey's grace and elegance, and her great sense of style. If it were possible to harvest those traits for each of said women and combine them into one woman, I think that woman would be the perfect woman. And while I know perfection is impossible at this time in my life, I also know that it is something I can strive towards.

I have also been doing a lot of Jane Austen reading, and am impressed by the manners and importance placed thereon. Manners are not a thing of importance anymore. I think it is a very sad thing, and explains why society is struggling so much. People just don't have manners! I have developed a deep interest in them, and so am either going to find a good book from the library, or find online (bless you Google!) a guide to the aristocratic manners of the 1800's. I think it would be good for me to be more polite, and judicious in my statements. Besides, it would be a very good thing for me to refine my mind just a little bit more. Or a whole lot more, but baby steps, right?

There were many other things I discovered about myself, and who I want to be, but don't have time to write them. Jeffrey needs my help putting up the last of the crown molding. I tell you what, I never want to sell a house again. It is hard work! Or perhaps next time we just wont buy a house that needs so much work before we move in because neither of us are handy with fixing things.

Whew, it has been a busy day and we are only half done. So excuse me while I go laugh at my problematic house.

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* { Shannon } * said…
Audrey Hepburn rocks! I love your idea of the perfect woman, and I'd have to agree with you on the combination of choice, but I think you're a lot closer to being Anne Elizabeth Hepburn than you think :)
Gail said…
Great idea Amy. I think I need to do that same thing ..... who I see myself as now, what I want to be....
Katie Lane said…
I feel the same way about writing, I'm always surprised at the emotions that come out when I put that pen to paper. Your perfect woman sounds lovely, but way to boring!! Oh and manners are way too understated these days, bring them back girl, bring them back!!
Vic said…
I remember the good ol' house updating days! Gosh! I sound old but no we bought our first home when we were 21 and ripped out walls, finished an attic, everything got us! So I understand how stressful it is! Gooooood Luck my friend! Have a great weekend!
Noodle said…
me and my hubby laugh that when you get ready to sell you do all the things that you wanted out of your house in the frist place... For some one else... its silly but we all do it =) I hope all the hard work pays off...
I agree! We just watched Pride and Prejudice on Valentines day. Thank goodness for Keira Knightley- I never understood the concept until this version came out. I am in love with those old school manners and speaking. I'm on a mission to upgrade my words and sentence structures. I think you'll find yourself molding into this "perfect woman" more and more all the time. I see so many wonderful things in you. Try to step back for a minute and realize that you are a miraculous person with fine talents and interests. You'll go far my dear!
Emmy said…
Sounds like some good inspiration... and you will be amazed at how much you continue to change.

And I totally agree, people really do need to learn more manners and to be kind.. it would make a world of difference.
Sue said…
You always have something interesting to say, Amy. One thing you will continue to be in any phase of your life is a deep thinker.


PS. And that is a very good thing.
Kristin said…
I also am very inspired by Jane Austen, I think I need one of those facebook activities - "which jane austen character are you?" I'm always wondering. I do think I might be a little Elinor Dashwood . . .

Em said…
oh anne. love her. i love always making improvements in self as well. i'm a believer that we are bettering or lessening. however, please help me to avoid perfecting. heaven forbid! lol how in the heck am i going to be able to read blogs on a daily basis again??!! sigh.
Lara said…
Three excellent role models. I love what you wrote about them.

I love Anne. I love Elizabeth. And I have always wanted to be Audrey.

We are kindred spirits. As Anne would say. :)
Veronica said…
Well I relate to the going day to day without really taking the time to think about things such as this.

I like your idea and I think I need to do an inventory as well.

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