Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why is it?

Why is it little kids love jumping on the bed?

Why do I feel I have to hide the fact that I enjoy a good bed jump every now and then?

Why is it I encourage this behavior?

Why is it the mountain of things to do so often gets left undone?

Why do some babies pull their pacifiers out of their mouths so they can suck on their thumbs?

Why is it life can be so mellow for so long when suddenly a bombardment of stresses hit all at once?

Why is it so easy and comforting to talk to so many people I have never met?

Why is it hot cocoa tastes better in a novelty mug and Popsicles taste better after a long swim?

Why is it that rocks are so interesting to little boys?

Why is it a story is always better shared?

Why is it when I lay my baby down on the bed near me, she always manages to inch closer to me until she is squished up against me?

Why is it a child's smile makes all the bad in the world seem to disappear?

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