Why is it?

Why is it little kids love jumping on the bed?

Why do I feel I have to hide the fact that I enjoy a good bed jump every now and then?

Why is it I encourage this behavior?

Why is it the mountain of things to do so often gets left undone?

Why do some babies pull their pacifiers out of their mouths so they can suck on their thumbs?

Why is it life can be so mellow for so long when suddenly a bombardment of stresses hit all at once?

Why is it so easy and comforting to talk to so many people I have never met?

Why is it hot cocoa tastes better in a novelty mug and Popsicles taste better after a long swim?

Why is it that rocks are so interesting to little boys?

Why is it a story is always better shared?

Why is it when I lay my baby down on the bed near me, she always manages to inch closer to me until she is squished up against me?

Why is it a child's smile makes all the bad in the world seem to disappear?

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Noodle said…
Cause it just IS!!! =) Ally has to be in the right mood for her binky and Sammy loves rocks too!!! But then she is a girly tom boy (she likes looking all girly but loves to do all the ruff and tumble boy things) I have a pile of laundry that is calling my name but I choose to avoide it and play with my kids and play on the computer instead glad I'm not alone =)
starnes family said…
I agree with Noodle....it is.

I enjoyed this post today!
Laura said…
Good questions!! And the last one, SO true. Also, I say jump on the bed, and have fun doing it! :)
Sue said…
I don't know why, but I know that I like it!

Gina said…
Amen, sister. What a fun post.
Emmy said…
Yes and Rootbeer tastes so much better in a frosty mug!

Great post
Psst...follow follow me. :)
Now I want to go jump on a bed. Let's see if I can talk the kiddos into doing it with me.

p.s. Good luck with the move!
fraizerbaz said…
I know! Why is it that sometimes when I am trying to admonish my daughter's naughty behavior with stern words I can't keep a straight face, and have to fight really hard at NOT laughing?
Em said…
brennan loves to throw himself backwards like he's bungee jumping when sean is getting him lotioned and jammied after bath. so funny.

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