Monday, January 11, 2010

What We Do For Love, and The Binki Fairy

Three years.

Three years can be such an eternity!

It can also be a blink of an eye

depending on your perspective.

Three years tomorrow is how long we have been married

and it feels like both an eternity and a breath. I feel like I have always been married to Jeffrey, and like we should always and forever be together, and how odd it is that I spent 25 years without him because the last three really feel like we have always been together.

And really? Three years already? I have been married that long? It seems like I just got off my mission and you are telling me I already have two kids and a husband? Unreal!

So to celebrate, I have a surprise in store for Jeffrey. It is going to be a difficult surprise to give him, but one that we will both appreciate infinitely (me more so than him... why are all my gifts to him so one sided?).

I started yesterday by sending him to his mother's house with the kids. While they were gone I tackled the kitchen and living room. They haven't really been clean since Christmas because all of our Christmas decor has been sitting in the corner waiting to go out to the shed. But, I got all that done last night, along with some laundry.

Today, I am finishing a project we started on Saturday. I am getting the rest of the wallpaper off the bathroom wall, and am going to start painting it tomorrow so when he gets home from work on our anniversary, he will have a nearly completed bathroom! He is going to have to help me paint the ceiling and patch up a spot of drywall, but other than that, my goal is to have all that done for him. What a great anniversary gift, don't you think?

Like I said, it is going to be difficult to do, especially since I have a very clingy baby. But really, what 2 month old baby isn't clingy? And I wouldn't have it any other way, I only wish I had more time to do things. *Sigh* But I think this is going to be a monster gift for him, and he is going to love having the project done, so it will be well worth it.

In other news, the binki fairy paid us a visit last night. Keith is now binki free. I got the idea from my friend Shannon who did the same thing to her daughter last year. We gathered up all the binkis and put them in a basket. I then told Keith the binki fairy would be coming by that night and would take away all the binkis but would leave a surprise for him in its place. He loves surprises and is always asking me for one, so I knew he would eat this up. I made cookies after he had gone to bed, and Jeffrey made another sword out of cardboard for Keith. This one was covered in tinfoil so it was by far cooler than the others we had left him. We left it by his door. He is a very light sleeper and if we had tried to put it in his room he would have awakened and known it was us (I tell you, the tooth fairy job is going to be rough to fill with this kid). He was pretty excited when he got his sword and cookies. He tried to eat them all for breakfast. I had to put them away and ration them a little, but he was very happy with it. We will see how well things go later today when it is naptime, or tonight when the real test of bedtime will come. But honestly, we don't want monster orthodontia bills, so he is quitting cold turkey.

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