Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lots of Randomness Where I Say Nothing At All

Sadly, Jeffrey didn't get his gift. I wasn't able to get the bathroom done, and it looks great right now with wallpaper all over the floor, and dripping off the walls. Fantastic. I am thinking of just leaving it. But lucky for me, I have a fabulous mother who has volunteered to play with the kids tomorrow so I can get it done. Keith is a big help and loves to wash the walls to loosen the glue so I can peel it off. He is a great helper. I am really hoping I can get it done tomorrow.

Yesterday our internet was down. Again. Really, I am getting tired of our internet provider. We lose service at least three times a week. It is getting ridiculous! But that wont be a problem soon.

I know I have threatened this before, but the time was never right. This time, though, we really are selling our house. We just need to sign the papers with the realtor and then pray it sells quickly. Which is why getting the projects done immediately is so urgent. Once we move, though, we will no longer have to deal with that company and things will be oh so much easier! With the internet, I mean. With the house, we could really use any and all prayers that it will sell quickly. We are not going to be buying a house this time around. Not until Jeffrey is finished with school, but that will be the end of this year, so that is good.

Jeffrey and I have begun to have tea parties. Finally my tea set is being put to good use. Finally! He has been sick, so every day when he gets home from work we sit down to a cup of herbal tea. I am going to learn how to make crumpets one of these days because I think it would be brilliant to have a cup of tea and some crumpets right before dinner. How fun! I love that I have a husband who will have tea parties with me. In fact, it was his idea. The first night we had a pot of tea while watching Willow. Do you remember that movie? I hadn't seen it since I was a little girl and had gone to the theater to see it with my family. It was in theaters the last time I saw it. Long time ago, hu? I forgot how funny that movie is! But having tea and watching it with my hubby was so much fun.

Oh, about my hubby... I have to say, yesterday was a tolerably good day. I have stopped expecting the special days in my life to be magical. I wonder if that happens to all parents. I don't know. But birthdays, anniversaries, etc. They just aren't the magical days they once were. But it was a good day nonetheless. Jeffrey and I went to our favorite little restaurant for dinner. The food was delicious as always. The service was exceptional, the ambiance was perfect, and the conversation was the best. Thus far, there are now two restaurants we really like. One chinese, and this italian one. Sad that most restaurants don't meet our expectations. We really aren't food critics, but just about all the other restaurants have gotten one of us sick at some point, or we could make better food at home. So when we find a restaurant with delicious food, and it is reasonably priced, it just makes us happy. Though the day wasn't magical, the evening with my hubby sure was. Gosh I love that man! Again I say, I hope I have at least 75 more years with him. Three years really isn't much at all.

Keith has picked up a few funny phrases. I really didn't know where he learned them until I was telling Jeffrey about them last night. Evidently Jeffrey has been teaching him things behind my back. For example, every day at lunch while we are eating Keith will say "Sooooooo. Soooooooo. Sooooooo, how are you?" Also, when he wants something and I say no, he will then ask me again in a high pitched voice. I will say no again, so he will ask me in a deep voice. I will say no and it will be back to the high voice. That kid cracks me up. Every day with him is an adventure!

Yesterday I was watching Jane Austen's Mansfield Park while folding laundry. Mansfield Park is probably my favorite book of hers. I don't know why, but I just adore it! At any rate, while watching, Edmund said something that caught my attention. He was talking to his cousin Fanny and had said the evening wore him out. "So much tedious talking where no one says anything at all." or something along those lines. How funny that we still do that! Just like this post you all just read. :) Thanks for indulging me anyway.

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