Learning By Default

I have become a fish.

I mean I have been drinking a lot of water, so much so I could practically live in it and be just fine. But I have to have ice in it, which is very weird, since I hate to be cold and ice makes me cold. But what are you going to do. I need the water.

That said, I keep a whole lot of ice in the freezer. Because of this, Keith has become an ice lover. Until yesterday that is. As he was eating his ice cube he discovered the physics of wet and cold sticking together.

I laughed quite a bit. Mainly because he was confused and not hurt. Learning is great, isn't it?

Moving on, I finished another project yesterday. I think it turned out beautifully!



The black really makes it stand out more, doesn't it? I love it! I really am becoming a spray paint fiend. Oh the beauty of re-purposing things.


tinahead81 said…
looove spray paint! best invention EVER! i like how it turned out!

i need to drink more water, thanks for the reminder! lol
*Jess* said…
I'm the same way with my water! It has to be ice cold! With ice. No bottled water for me, unless its poured into a glass with ice!
Emmy said…
So so beautiful! You are right, the black is awesome.

And glad your husband didn't get hurt. He obviously needs to watch the Christmas story a few more times :)
Momisodes said…
I love it! I think the black turned out lovely. We're thinking of doing the same to our fireplace cover. It's currently similar to the color of your before base :)
Em said…
love the black. did you hear about the kid in idaho that tested out the tongue on the light post a month or two ago??? firemen had to melt it off with warm water. kid's tongue was numb all through the holiday eating. no taste. so sad.
Yeah, it looks way better with the black! What a fun project!
Sue said…
Wow. Huge difference. And I love it!

Lee said…
Love the new look. Love the redo!
mub said…
I don't know why Europeans aren't more fond of ice... My freezer is too full of other things usually to keep any on hand so maybe it has something to do with lack of space!

What are you going to put in your bowl? I think it needs something delightful like pomanders or brightly colored stone eggs or something!
Chantel said…
I love it! It looks awesome! And, I think the bread is still on sale. When I was there yesterday she said they had just marked it down. FANTASTIC. Seriously, it made my whole day!!
Just ME the MOM said…
I am amazed - it is gorgeous - what talent with a spray can :)

Learning is fun, isn't it? It always amazes me the things that they have to learn. Yo forget that we weren't born with all this innate knowledge!

Love the black. It really does make the piece!
Noodle said…
I love watching Sammy learn it makes me smile inside and out.... The best is when she is confused and smiles at me once she figures it out and has to come show me how it works... Of course I act like I don't know how it works and let her teach me....

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