Is Life Too Fat? Go on a Diet

Today I came to the realization that my eating habits have taken over in my daily life. Meaning:

My eyes are bigger than my plate. I have bitten off more than I can chew.

I realized this as I collapsed to my knees today, turning to the only One who could possibly know what I was feeling, and seeking for some much needed peace. I was there for a long time. When I finally got up my eyes were very puffy.

Later last night, I told Jeffrey that this past week has been harder than the mission. Life should never be harder than the mission. Most returned missionaries I have ever met have said that serving a mission, while being the most rewarding thing they had ever done, had also been the hardest thing.

When life is harder than the mission, I have to wonder if it really is that hard, or am I just making it that hard.

And then I realized, just as in my eating, I need to trim the fat.

(and I just belly laughed as I realized either I am hungry, or my life is extremely comparable to dieting tips)

My family is not fat. They may be the sweetest things in my life, but they add no fat.

Getting the house ready is like eating your least favorite food. Although you hate it, you do it anyway because you know how good it is for you. I don't want to get my house ready, I know it is one of my biggest stressors, but it isn't something I can quit on just yet.

And that leaves blogging. The only other thing I really do. Sadly, my one fun activity has just become fat. And in order to survive the next week, I have to trim it. I am going on a blogging diet. And don't worry because it is a crash diet, and we all know those don't ever last long, so I will be back soon.

But hopefully by then I will have lots of wonderful news. Because I really could use some about now. We are hoping for buyers, and a job. That would be really good news. In one week's time (plus the weekend) I will be back full of smiles and I am hoping a much less stressful life.

To get me started on the stress-less, I am starting tomorrow by ignoring the house, and taking Keith out. Poor kid has suffered while I have tried to eat the whole buffet at once. Tomorrow it is the snack bar only. Just fun kid stuff. A museum or a park would be nice.

But pictures are doubtful since that sweet little boy lost the SD card to my camera.
Here's to hoping I can find it soon.

Have a wonderful weekend and an even better week!

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Gail said…
Praying that for a wonderful release of Heaven's resources for you and your family Amy!

Have a great break. We'll miss you!
Bec said…
I hope your blog break brings you some good quality family time! I haven't been here in forever (trimming the fat in my Google Reader as we speak...don't worry, you're not fat! ;) ) so I missed the change to the cutie-bird blog-topper! I love it!
Best of luck with the house-stuff too!
tinahead81 said…
i know the feeling. sometimes i just wonder when some good news will come or when we'll catch a break?!

i hope you're able to de stress. have a wonderful weekend!
Noodle said…
Well as sad as it is not to read your post I agree sometimes you just need to focus on what is most importaint at that time... I hope that you have a fun filled week and can't wait until you returne to tell us all about it =)
Sometimes we all just need a break! Good luck with whatever diet you do, you probably already know my philosophy- a lifestyle is more helpful than just a diet. But hopefully you can find what works best for you!
Sue said…
I'll miss you, but I think it's a great idea. We all need a break once in a while!

Have fun, Amy.

Laura said…
You're so cute, good analogy! :) We will miss you but enjoy your time away with your family! Prayers for your family!!
Em said…
hahahaha, soooooo my biggest worry about having 2! that i will try to do it all. wait, i know i will try to do it all. then i will crash, feel badly that i pushed myself too hard, have to listen to my stepmom tell me i always do this, and then beat myself for doing it, and then try to back off from trying, which is not really in my nature. and then i'm positive i'll be all the more wise. haha, or i hope. love your analogy. so fun to read:-) i vote the zoo!
Emmy said…
Good for you! And I will still be here when you get back :)
Good luck and you will still have your loyal followers when you get back. You have to take a break from the rich and fatty stuff in your life in order to miss them = )

Alyssa said…
Stopping by from Friday Follow. LOVE your blog it is great! Have a great weekend and I will be back to visit again soon.
Emmy said…
I know you are taking this week off, but just wanted to let you know I have a couple of awards for you on my blog :)
Lara said…
Perfect metaphor.

I have been trimming the same fat, but I'm kind of cheating too much lately and the weight's not coming off. :)

Thank you. I am not going to read any more blogs tonight. Off to bed for me, and tomorrow I will accomplish what needs to happen. The vegetables, so to speak. :)
Heidi said…
I know that life has it's hard moments, and yes I think that they are harder than a mission most of the time. (my opinion you can ignore it if you want) But there are times when your life diet would be perfect! And something I need to try in my own life. Between, being a mom, doing my callings, birthday's, and PTA I'm swamped. Blogging may have to take a back step next week for me as well.
I hope that you find your card soon, and I hope that you have a better week.
**Hugs** Until next week.
Momisodes said…
Definitely take a break. We all need it from time to time.

I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and hoping everything falls into place.
Just ME the MOM said…
I'll be thinking about you Amy - and hoping when the time is right you're back to blogging really soon. ((hugs))

jingle said…
I have an award waiting 4 u in my blog,
please visit,

two Amy in my list, you are the seond Amy...
freckletree. said…
dude, just do what i did!

(the inches are dropping)
Natasha said…
I did the same sort of thing and cut out all the stuff adding extra weight and it feels so much better. When you focus on only the stuff that is important, it shows what is really important. Kinda like keeping only the stuff that means something to you in your house.

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