Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How the Binki Fairy Crashed and Burned

The binki fairy failed.

Keith really does not sleep without his binki. It is a sad fact, but nonetheless, there it is. He loved getting the sword and cookies, but when naptime came, the world came to an end. At least Keith's world did. There was no binki. How could he go on? He must throw a tantrum to match that of Hurricane Katrina, if not rival it. There would be no sleeping without the binki. He made that very clear to me. (I know, who is the parent, right? But I wanted him to nap, so I had to think of something!) So I tried phase two of Operation Get Rid of Binki. Many people have said to cut off the tip of his binki and he will lose interest.

Out of desperation I tried that yesterday. He needed to nap, but I refused to have him sucking his binki. I cut the tip off, feeling like a very mean mother indeed, and gave it to him. Greedily he grabbed it and stuffed it in his mouth. I watched as his tear stained face changed from contentment to confusion. He pulled the binki out, examined it, and then put it back in. A minute later it was out and being investigated again, but immediately re-inserted into his mouth. And then he went to bed. And he slept. For two and a half hours. What bliss!

Now with the binki, Keith will suck on it all day if I would let him. For the past year or so we have had a rule he could only have it when he was in bed. But he would find one, and sneakily put it in his mouth and go around hoping we didn't realize. Sometimes he would find a binki, and then poke his head into whichever room I was in, just to show me the binki and then run away and hide. Precocious child that he is. After his nap yesterday, however, he got out of bed and carried his binki in his hand. He played with it. He would put it in his mouth but would chew on it and not suck it. I was rather entertained throughout. He seemed to want it with him, but was over having to have it in his mouth.

Until bedtime, that is. Holly Hannah, when it was time for bed, he let out a holler because he wanted his binki. Jeffrey didn't know where it was. As soon as it was found, the plug was put in and the crying instantly ceased. When I got him up this morning, there was no binki to be seen! I am thinking it is going to take some time for him to get used to it, but the binki may just be going out of style here in our home! What a great idea it was to cut the tip off! I thought it was mean at first, but really, it wasn't mean at all, and he is happy, and there were no tears or fighting when it was time for him to give it up. Wonderful! Thank you to everyone who suggested this method. I love you all!

For all those interested, I made a recipe from my new cookbook yesterday. I will be posting it on my cooking blog today, so head on over and see what I made!

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