Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Glutton For Punishment

On Sunday there was a near death in the family.

I was on my laptop (named Darcy) when a prompt popped up. It said something about a virus. I ignored it and closed the prompt thinking the prompt could be a virus. One like that had just attacked my father in law's computer.

But the prompt came back every thirty seconds.

I grew worried. It would be a tragedy if Darcy died. I rushed him to the computer doctor Jeffrey. Things looked bleak. I think he flat lined for a minute there.

But the amazing Jeffrey was able to bring my dear Darcy back to life.

He is quite a bit more fragile now though, and noticeably slower. But I can't complain. He is back.

To go along with the stress of nearly loosing Darcy, I got a phone call yesterday. It came from our realtor. He wants to come over and take pictures of our house for a virtual tour.

The bathroom is completely torn apart and only half painted. The kitchen hasn't even begun to be painted, and we still haven't told our renter we are getting ready to sell so his apartment is a horrible mess. I have until Friday to get it all ready and Jeffrey has a big test on Thursday that he needs to study for, so I am going to have to do it on my own. With a two year old and a two month old. How is that for stress?

We did get started yesterday, though. My parents came by and took some of our furniture to make our house look bigger. My favorite chair is now gone, and I am already going through withdrawals... but if it will help the house sell, I will gladly say good bye for a little while. Oh, and the electronic babysitter (the television) is also gone as well, so all hopes of distracting Keith while I paint are gone. What am I doing to myself?

So if I am scarce, or a little scatterbrained this next little while, please be patient with me. I brought it all upon myself.

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