Get Your Craft On

I am so excited to start this week. I can't say exactly why.

It could be the wonderful treasures I received from my mother in law.

I have great plans for them. I am thinking of painting the metal base of the glass bowl holder black. Also, the funky orange/brown bowl would look lovely as a white dish. I am a little nervous to play with the spray paint, but I have to say, I have been bitten by the craft bug. Something I never thought would happen. Experimentation is half the fun! I can't wait to see what I decide to do, and how it turns out.

It could be that I finally finished the Christmas gifts for our parents.

I hope they like them! I had fun working on them. They turned out nothing like I hoped, but that is because it was my first attempt. I did get to use power tools with this one... mainly an electric sander, but I felt pretty darn powerful with it. Lots of fun even if it doesn't look how I had envisioned it. I figure, the more crafty things I do, the more adept I will be with them. Besides, I think they are pretty cute regardless.

It could be that we finally figured out what was causing Faye's rash.

A few weeks ago, Faye pooped on our comforter so we had to switch it out with our other winter blanket. Around that time she started to get what we thought was baby acne. But it kept getting worse and worse. We saw that it was especially bad after her naps. Making us think it was just heat rash. But the rash was on her face so much, we crossed heat rash off. It wasn't acting like a simple heat related problem. And then yesterday morning it dawned on me. The poor girl must be allergic to our blanket! We have a lovely goose down filled blanket that Jeffrey got in Australia on his mission. It is so warm and wonderful for the Winter months! Sadly, we will be putting it back in storage now, and hoping that is the only thing she is allergic to.

Or it could be the fabric I got at the craft store. I cannot wait to play with it. I am eager to show off what I am planning on making. After it is finished, of course. Mainly because I am too lazy to get up and take a picture of the fabric. Sorry.

This is Faye and me anticipating the coming week. The funny thing about this photo is I couldn't keep my eyes open. I kept anticipating the flash. At least Faye has her big blue beauties open.

I guess I am just pumped to get my craft on this week. If anyone has any great projects or ideas, let me at them. I can't wait to get the creative juices flowing!


tinahead81 said…
you've got some fun stuff there to play with!! love how your gift turned out!!

poor cutie! i hope putting the blanket away solves the problem.

hubs and i are going to try to turn our old, poorly built, out of place, non heated half bath into a little craft storage room for me! can't wait! i'll also be making a couple of scarves to get some practice on my sewing machine. oh, and i have a chair that needs re upolstering(i'll probably wait until the spring for that one though!!) cna't wiat to see what you're up to!!
Vic said…
I've got to make it over to Michaels as I keep wishing to but it never happens. That sucks when your child is allergic to something. My kids and I are so sensitve about the littlest things. My skin stinks. I love the photo. Pretty Pretty. I believe my e-mail thingy is linked so if you ever want to respond to your comments thats fine. It should send me an email whenever you do. I also have to mention that some hacker(seems to be) copied a part of one of your comments you left me on the resolutions left it on the same post and I thought that was way way
mub said…
You guys are so cute! I'm glad you figured out what was causing Faye's mystery rash.

I like the picture block, anything with ric-rac has my two thumbs up =)
Sue said…
Actually, the gift is adorable. They will love it.

Your pics are adorable, too. And it's great that you figured out the rash thing!


PS. Your old treasures look pretty cool. I actually like the color of the funky orange brown dish, which proves that (like the dish itself) I am a bit on the old side, too. heehee
Familia Morales said…
The gift you made looks really cool, I just can't figure out what it is. Help? Have fun getting your craft some for me!

An idea: Hairbows! Simple and cheap to make and now you have a girl to do all that for. You can take knee highs and cut off the toe and the knee part and sew the ends together to make a headband, and then make clippys to clip on to them.
Emmy said…
Have fun! This makes me want to craft again.. it has been a while. Better do it while I still can...
Wonderful picture... even if your eyes are closed... I love the craft projects you are starting!!
* { Shannon } * said…
I love the copper tea pot! Both my kids had that baby acne, hydrocortizone (cort-aid) will clear it right up :) I also love Faye's little Chtistmas dress!

Happy 2010 to you and your sweet family!
Gina said…
I think I might need to try out the spray paint crafts too!! Your baby is so cute, and I LOVE her name. :)
Yay for crafts! I can't wait to see what you roll out with next. I just found this sewy craft blog that I decided to follow. I think its something like boho chic or something. Anyway its on my follow list.
Lara said…
Oooh...what fun treasures! Don't be afraid of the spray's aMAZing! I'm addicted. My husband makes fun of me for spray painting everything in sight. :)

Love the gift you made...very cute!
Em said…
or it could just be that it's monday. i love mondays. my most productive day of the week. used to hate them. glad i like them now:-)
Gail said…
Can't wait to see how they turn out! I have a couple of projects up my sleeve but am almost too scared to start in case I don't finish!
Natasha said…
your gift came out really cute! poor faye though, at least you figured out what the problem was so she doesn't keep suffering. poor kiddo.

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