Earwax Production and Shopping

Faye is a little girl.

I know it sounds like stating the obvious, but honestly, I am surprised by how girly she is.

And she is only two months old!

Tonight she was being super fussy. We couldn't figure out why.

She had been fed, burped, and diaper changed. Nothing would appease her.

Finally, I decided to change her clothes.

The crying stopped almost instantly.

Silly girl just was tired of her current outfit. She needed a new one and a cuter one.

Now she is most likely shopping away in dreamland.

What a girl.

Keith on the other hand is all boy.

So much so that he has the male selective hearing.

He is only two.

I call and call him, and he doesn't answer.

Then I call him by his nickname, and he almost immediately answers.

But I figured out the problem.

It is earwax.

One day when Jeffrey saw the amount of earwax Keith produces, he said "poor boy has my over active wax producers."

And then I knew.

It isn't because they are being mean, or because they just don't want to answer. It is because boys can't hear. They have too much earwax.

And in closing, I just have to say, the wind is going crazy tonight, and I think I am going to turn off the lights, snuggle down in the covers and tell scary stories with my hubby. Maybe I should find a flashlight.

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How funny! Parker likes being on his changing table, he almost never cries there. I think it is because there is a pretty colorful balloon tied to it that he likes to stare at and lots of pretty colors on the wall. And I remember a doctor telling me I am a major wax producer too, so I clean out my ears almost everyday now. Usually every other day actually. I don't know what is considered normal but I like cleaning my ears, it feels so good. Though it does seem like the wax was serving a purpose there, just don't want to get too much of it.
Emmy said…
Both of my boys (my big and little one) have tons of wax too! So I think you are on to something.
Em said…
haha, good theory!!! i had forgotten until you said this, but i used to clean out brennan's ears when he was nursing as a newborn. i LOVED doing it. he loved it too. his eyes would roll back in bliss, haha. i haven't done it for so long. maybe that's why he doesn't turn around when he's watching the tv.....riiiiiight.
Sue said…
I love your new header, Amy! I forgot to mention it before. (I guess you've used it before, right? But anyway, I think it's great.)

Girls really are different than boys. And I know that's a generalization, but true for the most part, anyway. Which is just as it should be! What fun would it all be otherwise??

Missy said…
All this time....it was just earwax!!! LOL If only that could be the problem of all men/boys!!!
jingle said…
missed you, Amy.
I love your blog,
glad to heard about your kid's stuff...

happy Friday,
Happy Everyday...
you Deserve Happiness.

Cheers, ;)
3LittleMonkeys said…
Yes...what is with the ear wax! My youngest has a tonne of it too! I'm constantly cleaning his ears. Gross.
Gail said…
Hahaha. You've just solved a mystery to parents, teachers and doctors every where!
Sandy said…
My boys always had a ton of earwax too! EwwW!

I'm a new follower through Friday Follow!
Cassie said…
Stopping by from Follow Friday! I'm a follower now :)
fraizerbaz said…
Stopping by from Friday Follow! Happy Friday!
Gina said…
This is funny, because L's pulmonologist remarked on the amount of earwax he had this week. Must be a boy thing.
starnes family said…
Hi, Amy. I'm here from the blog hop and happy I found your blog. You seem like a ton of fun!

Off coincidence.....I took our 3 year old into the dr yesterday for some congestion/cold symptoms....and the doctor pulled out a ball of ear wax the size of a pea from his head. So, I think your theory is correct!

-Casey from www.thestarnesfam.com
Momisodes said…
Does this apply to grown boys, too? My husband is a bit hard of hearing as well :)
Anonymous said…
Keep on posting such stories. I love to read articles like this. By the way add more pics :)
Chantel said…
Brian's deaf in one ear except for when I'm talking and then he's deaf in the other as well. ANNOYING!!!
Thanks for linking up at Friday Follow! I am going down the list, so here I am...your newest blog follower.

~ Lynn
That is very funny and probably so true. I have two girls, my oldest is very girly!

I am over from follow Friday and am not following your blog. I look forward to reading more posts!

Side note, I almost named my blog Happily Ever After. I am still thinking about taking the 365 day challenge on that blog.
One 2 Try said…
Happy Friday Follow - Rita @ http://one2try.blogspot.com/
I am so glad to know this about boys...my son had a lot of ear infections as an infant and I always thought that affected his hearing, but then I compared him to his father and realized it is simply that he is a man!

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