Friday, January 22, 2010

Earwax Production and Shopping

Faye is a little girl.

I know it sounds like stating the obvious, but honestly, I am surprised by how girly she is.

And she is only two months old!

Tonight she was being super fussy. We couldn't figure out why.

She had been fed, burped, and diaper changed. Nothing would appease her.

Finally, I decided to change her clothes.

The crying stopped almost instantly.

Silly girl just was tired of her current outfit. She needed a new one and a cuter one.

Now she is most likely shopping away in dreamland.

What a girl.

Keith on the other hand is all boy.

So much so that he has the male selective hearing.

He is only two.

I call and call him, and he doesn't answer.

Then I call him by his nickname, and he almost immediately answers.

But I figured out the problem.

It is earwax.

One day when Jeffrey saw the amount of earwax Keith produces, he said "poor boy has my over active wax producers."

And then I knew.

It isn't because they are being mean, or because they just don't want to answer. It is because boys can't hear. They have too much earwax.

And in closing, I just have to say, the wind is going crazy tonight, and I think I am going to turn off the lights, snuggle down in the covers and tell scary stories with my hubby. Maybe I should find a flashlight.

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