Thursday, January 14, 2010

Come For Tea in Our Newly Added Reading Nook

A knock came at the door. As I hadn't showered yet, I self-consciously opened it. There was a package on the doorstep. Who doesn't love getting mail? I brought the box in and opened it like an excited child Christmas morn.

It smelled horrible. I am very sensitive too the smell of smoke, and could tell it had come from a smoker;s house. I held my breath as I undid the wrappings. Once the surprise was all unwrapped, I forgot all about the smell. It was beautiful!

My anniversary gift from Jeffrey. What a darling thoughtful hubby I have! Of course, I did pick it out and buy it online, but he had no objections to my doing it, so it is almost as if he himself ordered it. I want to make crumpets for dinner now. Wanna come? We can eat it in the newly added reading room.

In getting the house ready to sell, we have added another room. It is a perfect place for a small boy to hide and read.

Keith loved making a fort with me and playing and reading in it all day. So much so that when it came time for bed the Mississippi river's twin was born in my living room. I had to promise to leave the fort up for today in order to get him to go to bed. More reading fun is in store for us today!

Since I am an idea copy-cat, I have taken the 365 Day Challenge. I am going to take a picture of our lives every day for a year. I think it will be fun to look back when the year is over and see how much my kids grew and how much has happened. So stop on by and check it out!

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