Wednesday, January 20, 2010

By The King!

Did you see it?

The sun was out and about today. It was dazzling and warm and perfect. Just what I needed.

I figured out what is causing my funk. I am in desperate need of the great outdoors. We have plastic up on our windows to help keep the heat in. It works wonderfully, but it also filters the light, and it makes it so I can't see outside without opening the front door. But that gets cold, so I don't do that often.

Today while Faye was sleeping, Keith and I went outside. I shoveled the walk while Keith made and ate snowman balls as he calls them. We had a lot of fun playing and then, the sun came out! And it was glorious to behold! It penetrated through the arctic wind to warm my chapped cheeks. It melted the snow round me, creating beautiful crystals. Oh how I loved it!

That bit of warm sunlight did wonders for my soul. I have not gotten grouchy once today!

And then we went inside for tea. Sometimes we have tea, sometimes we have hot cocoa, but since we are using my tea set, we just call it tea.

And how cool is it that my boys tea party with me? I know I have said this before, but really, having tea is becoming a sort of daily ritual that both of my boys encourage. Today we had hot cocoa and crescent rolls with raspberry jam. They like the food, and I adore the dishes so we are all happy. One day I will get a complete set with tiny plates and saucers and then, it will be even better!

When Faye was born, we had some sparkling apple cider in my fancy schmancy goblets. We raised our glasses, and said "Cheers" as we clinked each other's glass. Ever since that day, Keith loves to clink glasses. Any time he has a cup including his sippy and oftentimes while using a utensil, he will raise it up and say

"By the king!"

What? By the king? What king? Where did he learn that? You may be asking. Well, we don't know. Those are questions we ask him, but he still does it while grinning from ear to ear. And we go along with it. Now when we have a special occasion with some sparkling juice, we always raise our glasses and say "By the King!" We probably will forever more, now. For some reason "Cheers!" has lost all its former meaning.

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