Monday, January 25, 2010


As I was watching Faye sleep she seemed to be so peaceful and content.

Her hand was hovering near her mouth as if deciding whether or not it wanted to be sucked.

Her eyes were relaxed and her breathing was quiet and content.

Which was a stark contrast to just a few moments ago. She had been wide eyed and smiling. The occasional grunt and squeal were heard as she tried to communicate.

And then I wondered.

How do babies think? Some people think in pictures, some people think in words, and some people think in ideas. For babies who have yet to learn a language, how do they have thoughts? Or do they?

Are they programmed by need and instinct?

And how do they know if you are sitting down and they want you to be standing up. How do they know so much?

And then I think I may have figured it out. They are so recently come from Heaven, they must think the Adamic Language. Their grunts and squeals may really be Adamic, we just don't understand, so they are forced to learn our language.

Regardless of how they think, they sure learn the power of body language very quickly!

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