Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You Mean Its NOT A Pocket?

Keith has just discovered his pockets.

And as a little boy is programed to do, he loves his pockets.

Even more than that, he loves putting things in them.

He also likes keys. And pretending that he is opening doors with the keys.

Now that the stage is set, I will let you know why both Jeffrey and I were in tears with laughter the other night.

Keith was playing with a key, trying to unlock our bedroom door from the inside. It wasn't locked, but he was having fun pretending it was. Jeffrey was a little concerned that our walls were going to get dinged up, so he asked Keith to please put the key in his pocket. A request Keith was very happy to comply with.

A little while later, Keith was very perplexed. In his jeans there is a button at the top, and no zipper, but there is a space where the zipper would go (not a big deal, because he wears diapers... but there needs to be some room to pull the pants on over the diaper... and what a tangent I just went on!) He had put the key in his zipper area and couldn't get it out. Watching him try was a little too funny. It had actually fallen out the pant leg, but he didn't know that, all he knew was the key was unobtainable.

And I had to record this so we could remember to tell him when he is older. In tears laughing! What a funny little guy. He sure helps life never be dull. Seriously, I have never had to worry about post partum depression. My first pregnancy I had him. He kept me entertained! This time, I have him, and he makes sure I laugh every day. What a good little guy he is. And when I am laughing so hard I am crying he gives me a hug and says "Mommy sad? No cry, Mommy!"

Another thing he does that makes me laugh is when the phone rings, and I jump up to get it, Keith runs in front of me, and then walks very slow, so I can't get around him, nor can I answer the phone before whoever is calling hangs up. Same goes for knocks at the door. Just a funny little guy. We have to make sure he doesn't drive like that when he comes of age.

And those are just a few reasons I laugh every day.


Emmy said...

Good reasons. And yes record these things, as sadly these are things we start to forget.

Sue said...

What a cutie!


Bec said...

Funny! Boys do love to put things in their pockets. This post reminded me of an incident in my classroom 2 years ago in which one tattle-girl came up and informed me that "eric" had a dead gecko in his pocket!