Monday, December 21, 2009

What? Already?

Ha! The stress mounts, but so does the personal satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

I don't think I have ever had a Christmas season as crazy busy as this one, nor have I ever been this far behind. But, I am pleased to announce, with each project accomplished I feel an amazing sense of accomplishment.

Thus far this season I have:
  • put up my tree
  • put lights on my tree (last night)
  • gotten treats made. They were eaten by my family, so had to make more treats, most of which are finished.
  • written the family news letter
  • gone to a family party
  • hosted a family party
What I have left to do:
  • Make gifts for Jeffrey's siblings and families... involves sewing... has potential to be disastrous.
  • Make gifts for our parents... involves power tools... I am pretty excited for that one!
  • Plan two parties for the same day (with two different sets of friends)
  • Start and finish Christmas Shopping
  • Get newsletter printed and mailed... go to Kinkos for this.
  • Finish treats
  • Wrap everything.
  • Buy paperclips, bend them to make hooks for ornaments
  • Decorate the tree
  • Take Keith to see the Christmas Village at nearby park.
I think that is everything. I probably have forgotten something big, and then christmas will get here and I will remember it and be all stressed out. That is how these things generally go, isn't it? At any rate, I have given up on the house for now. Too many other things to do.

But when I finish something, it sure puts a smile on my face, so despite this monstrous list and only having 4 days...3 days (today is basically gone) left to get it all done, I am pretty darn happy! I hope your holidays are fantastic and I hope everyone else is further along with their preperations than I am!

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