Friday, December 11, 2009

True Confessions

I try to always be positive and upbeat with my posts (starting out like that doesn't bode well, does it?) but I also feel the need to be honest. And honestly, I am exhausted! I am tired! I am lucky if I get a shower! Welcome to my life as I adjust to 2 kids.

I am not the amazing mother that I want to be. I seriously have a hard time keeping my home clean. Not for lack of want, but just because it is so small, and it seems to collect clutter and messes. A toddler who insists on playing with his cars in whichever room I am currently cleaning doesn't help matters much, either. I want to be that mother. Like both of my sisters in law who have three kids and whose houses are always immaculate! How on earth do they do it? I just don't get it. And they take their kids to do fun activities, and make all sorts of crafts... I am begining to think they have some sort of super power. I feel good if my kids are dressed by dinner time, and if the dinner is made before Jeffrey gets home, that is a huge accomplishment! But I am not complaining, I am just wondering.

And I am wondering when life is going to calm down. It isn't because of the Holidays, it is just chaotic! But that would be courtesy of Faye, and I wouldn't trade her for anything, so I am just going to have to deal with the chaos. I had just gotten the hang of things when little Faye came along, and now it may take me two years to learn how to balance things again.

The funny thing is I generally start my day out pretty upbeat and full of energy and plans. I can get some things done in the morning, but by the time Jeffrey gets home I feel reduced to a pile of rubbish. I am just so tired and worn out and annoyed by the messes and demands. And the house is still messy. And I am still not showered. And two little bums need diapers changed. And two little mouths are begging for food. And attention. not the most pleasant thing for a husband to come home to, I know.


Both kids are sleeping right now (can you hear MoTab singing the Hallelujah Chorus as well?) so I am going to get the living room cleaned while they are down, and see if I can get the tree up to surprise Keith with when he wakes up.

I can't wait to see the look on his face when he comes out to see a little tree (it is about as tall as him) all lit up. What fun!

Unfortunately I can't find my SD card adapter (isn't that the story of my life?) so all the darling pictures of my little angels are going to have to wait. Hopefully I will get the house clean enough to find it this weekend. Another goal. Get pictures on here by Monday.

So my tired bones which are welcoming this weekend of Jeffrey being here to help with the kids a little so I can get some Christmas shopping done are going to work some magic in the cleaning department while all is still.

Wish me luck!

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