Monday, December 14, 2009

She's How Big?

I took Faye in for her two week check up last week. She looked so little and small to me. They weighed her and measured her, and the results blew me away!

First off, I was told it is customary for a baby to be at their birth weight by two weeks. They generally loose a lot of weight after birth and most just recover that weight by around two weeks. I
wasn't worried about that at all since at her two day check up she was just 2 ounces lower than her birth weight. The nurse weighed her, and the results pleased me immensely.

Birth weight 7.13
Weight at 2 weeks 9.05

Length at birth 20 1/2"
Lenght at 2 weeks 21"

I looked at a chart and saw that my darling little tiny Faye is in the 95 per centile for weight and height. And this whole time I thought she was tiny! Keith was huge too. He was actually off the charts. Probably is still, I am just too cheap and lazy to take him in to get a 2 year check up when I know he is healthy and doesn't need any immunizations. We have big kids! I saw my friend on Friday who had had a baby girl 10 days before Faye was born. I got to hold both babies at the same time. Faye is HUGE! My friend's baby weighs something in the 5 or 6 pound range.

And I am extremely proud of my fat little baby. Her face is really filling out, and she is so happy and such a joy! And I still can't find my SD converter so just imagine the most precious baby in the world (my Faye) and add a little chub to the cheeks, and there you go.

On another note. My friend Gail had a beautiful idea. She is the author of Delightfully Diva-ish and a very uplifting read. She is posting her 12 months of gratitude. I decided I too, wanted to participate.

Month 1
January was an excellent month. I made many resolutions, and had many great ideas. I didn't follow through on many of them, but it was a wonderful month of learning. I am grateful for the things I learned, the random knowledge I picked up. I am grateful for the desire for change within myslef that I had. Go ahead and check the archives, I did. I needed to remember what I had done in January. I think aside from the learning, the biggest thing in January was the example of Stephanie Nielson. I had discovered her, and by January I had read all of her posts starting from the begining, and I had wanted to become just like her. Only me.

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