Thursday, December 3, 2009

Scaring the Christmas Cheer Right Out of You

I am a coward. I am just going to lay it out there and get it out of the way from the begining.

I hate scary movies. I hate haunted houses. I hate being scared.

Which is why my decisions last night have me so confused.

I mentioned my current obsession, The Doctor.

I have been putting off watching an episode because I knew it was one of the scariest ever written. But because I needed my Doctor fix for the day, and Jeffrey was busy with school work, I decided to watch it.

Jeffrey didn't want to watch it with me because it has the "wrong" actor playing The Doctor. So I was all on my own.

It took a long long time to get through the episode because I had to pause it every 20-30 seconds and go do something else just to get the cold chill out of my blood. Just to get my heart to beat normally, and to get my shoulders to relax and come down away from my ears.

And you know the saddest part? I didn't even finish the episode. I am too big a chicken!

I had to make Jeffrey go downstairs to get the clothes out of the dryer because I was too afraid. I have always been afraid of dark basements, but last night I would have rather chewed off my own hand over going down there after having watched the little bit of Doctor Who that I saw.

But that is the price you have to pay for an addiction. And I will be watching more of the good Doctor as soon as Jeffrey gets home from work, because even though I was scared out of my wits last night, I am ready and eager for some more! I may even convince Jeffrey to watch the scary episode with me, just so I can know what happened in the end. If he is with me it wont be as scary, and I can duck and hide my head during the scary parts. He will let me know when it is safe to look. I may see half the episode from behind Jeffrey's back, but at least I will finish it and not be left wondering the whole rest of my life what would have happened.

On another topic (now that I have sufficiently scared myself again just by thinking about that episode) Operation Christmas Cheer is moving along nicely. I was a little miffed that I couldn't find my main box of decor yesterday. I nearly pulled the shed apart looking. And the most annoying part is when we cleaned it out, I specifically remember putting all the Christmas on the table so I could get to it easily when the time came. Not there! The wrapping paper is there, but not my decorations. But the house is clean, hot chocolate has been consumed, and Christmas tunes have been blasting all day long! With the occasional interruption of Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol in various renditions playing while I cleaned. I have to say, aside from the ending, it was a brilliant day with much being accomplished.

And I have to throw a shout out to my dear friend Jessica who has come over twice this week to help me get my life in order. She helped me by holding Faye so I could get things cleaned up, and helped me get things cleaned up while I had to feed Faye. A better and truer friend couldn't be asked for. I couldn't be as sane as I am today were it not for her. Thank you so much Jessica! You really are the best.

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