Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas


It is over.

I cannot believe it is finally over.

I cannot believe it has already come and gone! Really.

But I have to say, despite the horrible and hectic stress of trying to get everything done before the holidays, today was simply marvelous.

Jeffrey and I didn't like the fact that the world was crowding in on such a special day, so after so much stress yesterday we decided we would let today be the most relaxed and non structured day ever. And it was!

Very late last night we finished one project because Jeffrey is an angel and gave me my gift early. A sewing machine! (A souped up machine that even does quilting! So awesome... now I guess I have to learn how to sew) However, I was not able to finish the gifts for our parents because we lacked photos of our children. Jeffrey bought me a printer to remedy that problem, but it had parts missing, so to a horribly crowded store we get to go tomorrow. But I will be able to finish the gifts this weekend, so that will be good. Obviously we exchanged our gifts last night. I got him some parts for his computer (the way to a man's heart, right?) and a membership to the date of the month club. I am super excited about that. Possibly because it is a gift for me as well.

But today. Keith woke up around 9 (he didn't nap yesterday and then he went to bed late... such a good recipe for a late morning sleep!) and we got up and opened our stockings. We ate the fruit in them and then Keith watched the Muppet's Christmas Carol while I cleaned up the living room and Jeffrey wrapped his gifts. Around 11 he came up and the delight on Keith's face was priceless.

"Presents! Presents!" He cried rapturously while clamoring around Jeffrey's legs and nearly tripping him. It was agony for him to wait for the camera to be brought out, and then the joys began. He excitedly tore the wrapping paper off each gift one by one. After each gift he looked at his father and very excitedly said "Thank you, Daddy!" I didn't know that a two year old could sound so genuinely grateful for a gift, but he really did. Such delight and excitement was in his face and around his smile. I wish it could be Christmas every day just so I could hear and see so much happiness on his face. Mr. Potato Head was a big hit by the way.

Around 12 we went to Jeffrey's family's house for lunch and to visit with his family (we had seen mine the night before) and stayed for a few hours before heading home again where Keith took a nap and didn't wake up until I went in his room at 6! Such a long nap due to such a long day.

I think we are going to have every Christmas be this way. It was divine. And I only need to start earlier in the year for a truly peaceful Christmas season next year. Oh, and not have a baby a month before. That could really help to keep things calm.

But being able to focus on the true meaning was perfect, and I will do the same thing next year!

Anyone know any good home made gift ideas for the in laws and extended families for next year?

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