Making a List, Checking it Twice

I love fog. There is something so wonderfully mysterious and romantic about clouds swirling around you. I love how things can be hidden right in front of you. When brightly lit buildings slowly materialize right in front of you its like watching a magician fooling your eyes. Truly miraculous.

Granted we don't really get fog here. But we sure get a lot of smog. You can tell the difference between the two by the smell. Smog smells so horrible but still looks magical.

Last night was beautiful. I ventured into the blurry night to make some copies at Kinkos (check that off of my list!) and was reminded how beautiful it all is.

I have a secret desire. I have always wanted to follow someone in the fog. Just far enough away that they couldn't see me. Someone like my sister or a good friend. Someone who wouldn't want to kill me or have me beaten when they find out who it was. I admit, finding a stranger following you in the fog would be terribly frightening. But finding a family member or a good friend would be funny... after you got over the initial shock.

Today was crazy busy, and I expect the next few days to be so as well. Which means I wont get around to posting for a while, and my gratitude list? Well, that is on hold until I can resurface from the holiday stress and get some fresh air. I just don't have time.

I took Jeffrey to work while my mother in law watched the kids. He asked if I would have lunch with him, so I did. While talking over enchiladas (delicious!) we discussed what we want this Christmas to be like. We are not enjoying the stress. We decided to simplify. We are going to focus more on making this a magical time for Keith. We are going to spend more time focusing on the Savior and less on everything that has to get done. We are minimizing our activities. We will spend Christmas Eve with my family, and a few hours on Christmas day with him, and forgo the extended family activities. We will not be rushed Christmas morning, but will enjoy watching Keith open his and Faye's gifts. Jeffrey and I are going to exchange gifts Christmas night when we are alone thus making the morning all about the children and the evening we will spend together happily. I am excited for this plan.

While we were talking I discovered a reason why Jeffrey has been so stressed. He was missing me! How sweet is that of him? He said not having any one on one time for over a month was driving him crazy and he really needed some good Amy time to be able to calm down. He is now super calm and wonderful. I love that he was missing me. I mean I wish he didn't have to miss me, but I love that he did.

And so, on to my checklist of things to do (this is just for me to be able to keep track of it)
  • I basically finished the sewing projects. I just need to add the stuffing and then sew them closed. I didn't have any stuffing while I was making them. I forgot to bring it. Silly me.
  • I got one of the parties all planned,and just have one more to go. What a load of stress off of me that was!
  • We got the Christmas shopping for Keith done today and Faye is just going to get some nice pajamas and clothes. I only have stocking stuffers left for them.
  • I got the paper clips, and would be doing that right now were I not making this list.
  • I just about finished Jeffrey's gift. I am pretty excited for him to open that one. I just have to make three more copies at Kinkos since our printer doesn't work.
  • I have started on the gifts to our parents so just have to finish them.
What I have left to do:
  • Finish the gifts for our parents. Keith isn't cooperating. I need to get a picture of him and Faye, but he is pretty stubborn and decides to cry every time we try. This could be the hardest part of the gift!
  • I still need to get our newsletter mailed. I HAVE to do that tomorrow so everyone can get it by the new year!
  • Again, treats. Still haven't found time for those.
  • Keith and I are going to decorate the tree tomorrow. I am going to put the paper clips on the ornaments and I will let him hang them wherever he would like. It may look a little lop sided, but I am sure he will have fun and feel very proud of it when we are finished
I have decided against the Christmas village simply because we need to simplify. So, tomorrow is going to be copies, treats and tree. I may even attempt a little cleaning, but that could be too ambitious.

And I just have to say, things are so much more wonderful right now when my focus is on enjoying my family and teaching about the Savior and His role in this season. So much different, and so much better!


Kaibee said…
Hope you get the things you need to do soon! And it is really sweet that your husband was missing you. You know these little things assert how important, the person is in your life!
Hope Keith poses for a perfect picture soon.
Have happy holidays! :)
Vic said…
I'm completely with ya babe. We struggled with the decision on going to NY or not. It just seems like it would be too rush rush and not really joyful so we like to stay home and be with our girls. We shall not break the tradition we've carried on so we're staying back. Just the four of us. A phone call is good enough for now. Keith will have a blast and the look on his face will be priceless:) Enjoy the moments! Merry Christmas!
Sue said…
My husband always spoke of "missing" me when we had new babies. It's hard for them to give up having much if any free time with their wives. Fortunately, it doesn't last for long...And I always made sure to make a little extra effort to make him feel loved and needed. (Being a mother is a hard job because YOU need the same thing you're always giving out!) LOVE!

Familia Morales said…
I simply love that you find joy in the little things. I now have a new perspective on fog.

Have a very Merry Christmas!
Emmy said…
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and yes it is so worth it to slow down and just enjoy it.
Wow what a hefty list! Hope you have an excellent Christmas! Can't wait to hear more about it!
Just ME the MOM said…
Hee Hee - just followed you over from Sue's blog, had to see what other crazy mom was up making comments so early on a Christmas morning -

Hope you have a wonderful day! Merry Christmas:)

Em said…
my home town is famous for fog. we grew up wearing hooded sweatshirts, jeans, and flip flops in the fog. still my favorite outfit when i'm in town.

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