Love Only a Big Brother can Give

So it seems Keith is fond of his sister. He loves to hold her hand, pet her hair, share his bear with her, get her pacifier, and bury her in clothes. I have no worries about him protecting her when they are older. He will take care of her just as he does now. What a sweet boy I have.


I'm glad you got your pictures to upload again! Those are funny and cute!
Emmy said…
Lol! Yes big brothers can be very protective like that ;)
mub said…
I love the bucket head picture!
Familia Morales said…
Love the squished face pic of Keith with the helmet on, and the bow over the eyes, I love when babies do that!

Seems like Keith is getting his big brother in training done.
Sue said…
Nice bow placement.

OMGosh! that picture with the headband over her eyes, PRICELESS!

That is so hilarious! Boys are funny like that!

It is funny b/c Harm and Rach have a very similar relationship. But Harm doesn't like Callum too much, go figure! Gotta love tough big brothers!
Em said…
he looks like your husband, she looks like you. the end.
Vic said…
Ahhhh....ha....he's such a silly boy! They are gonna have the most memorable moments together...How sweet:)
Angela S said…
So, I am finally catching up on everyone's blogs... I just have to say I love the photo of your baby with the headband over her eyes - it made me smile because that happens to our little Emersyn so often! The poor little things!

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