Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hush a Bye

I think everyone should have a song about them.

A song that is specifically about them and to them.

I am not a songwriter, but even so, I have decided to give my children a song.

Once upon a time I dated a guy. This was before I knew that I was madly in love with Jeffrey. In fact I think Jeffrey was serving his mission at the time. At any rate the timeline does not matter. While I was dating that particular guy he said something that intrigued me. He mentioned that he wanted each of his children to have their own lullaby.

How incredibly special! I thought. In this way every child could have their own song. Their special song. I loved the idea.

It wasn't hard to find a song for Keith. He actually has three songs he insists be sung to him each night before he goes to sleep. But only one of those songs is his song.

And then three weeks ago I encountered a problem. Faye was born and I didn't have a song just for her. As I sat holding her in the hospital, I opened Jeffrey's laptop and began my journey of finding the perfect song just for her.I didn't find anything perfect, so I settled on Billy Joel's Lullaby (Good Night My Angel) but it just didn't seem right.

Last week Keith was begging to watch Nightmare Before Christmas. I think that show is too scary for him, but to appease him I opened the laptop and went to YouTube for a scene with Jack singing just to make Keith happy. Instead I made him bored and me very happy.

I found Faye's song!

Someone had made a movie of Jack the skeleton singing (with Michael Ball's voice) Hushabye Mountain. I fell in love with it. I dug up the lyrics, and it is now Faye's song.

There are so many good lullabies out there that I may just have to have at least five more kids just so they can have their own lullaby... what are some of your favorite lullabies?

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